WABC New York TV reports on a story tonight which may explain why many cruise lines have a major problem with their reputation. 

The story involves a grandmother, whose home was destroyed last year after being submerged under four feet of the surging Superstorm Sandy, who had booked a cruise aboard the Norwegian Jewel for her family and grand kids at the cost of over $4,000.

Joanne Keating was set to sail on November 4th, just days after the storm. She was left with nothing NCL - Norwegian Cruise Line after the storm ravaged her home. Her home and life savings were all gone.  

Ms. Keating appealed to Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) for help. She even wrote the CEO Kevin Sheehan (right) asking to refund the cruise or reschedule it, but the cruise line and its CEO wouldn’t make an exception. Absolutely no refund or rescheduling. 

The pitiful thing is that Ms. Keating and her daughter make a living driving special needs kids to school. This trip was going to be her first vacation ever, in 70 years! But NCL could care less. It refused to help the family and took their money.

The news station says that NCL acted cruelly and when approached about the terrible situation, erected a "stone wall of silence." 

Its not the first time that NCL has acted so selfishly.

Read And The Cruise Industry Wonders Why It Has An Image Problem if you want to know about some really bad customer abuse by the people at NCL.

The local news station in New York was resourceful and asked another cruise line to help the stricken family out.  Royal Caribbean, of all cruise lines, offered the family a free cruise. Watch the video below.     



Photo Credit:  prhub.com

  • Laurie

    I don’t see the need to sail with NCL, if I find that this is true.. THAT IS NOT A CHRISTIAN THING TO DO TOO PEOPLE..EVERYONE WANTS TO LEND A HAND TO PEOPLE IN NEED..THE “SANDY” victims are a real people in need.. A Major Company like NCL not only could of,BUT should of helped in any way possible..SHAME ON YOU!!!

  • DRE

    Why didn’t she buy travel insurance? If she couldn’t afford to lose her $4K in cruise tickets, she should have bought some insurance, don’t you think? How was her life savings gone? If her life savings was the cruise tickets, it was gone as soon as she paid her credit card bill, not due to the storm. These cruise passengers need to get more informed before they buy the tickets and be aware of the cancellation fees.

  • Allison

    “…NCL acted cruelly and when approached about the terrible situation, erected a “stone wall of silence.” Its not the first time that NCL has acted so selfishly.”

    Indeed it’s NOT the first time! This is par for the course for NCL. This pathetic, lowly bunch of selfish profiteers treated me with no respect nor dignity when I had was injured on their ship. They have no soul. The entire industry is dispicable, but I believe NCL is the lowest of the low–this is just another shining example of their apathy and lack of dignity. DO NOT SAIL NCL NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINES! They’re disgusting.

  • Still Poor

    Hooray! A happy story with a happy ending! Or is it? I mean…they’re still homeless right. Seven nice days, then it’s back to what used to be home. At least it’s good PR for Royal Carribean.

  • Peter

    Royal Caribbean not only helped Sandy victims, but their own customers. Mine and four friends had flights cancelled to Spain for a cruise and they got us all rebooked in First Class on different airlines, in plenty of time to make our cruise. Although my luggage was missing for 7 days, Royal Caribbean fitted me with a tux, some t-shirts and toiletries, and eventually flew my luggage until it got to me. The airlines weren’t helpful at all, namely American and Iberia.

  • slippers McEwan

    This company is the same company that fired me by text message when I came home from my job gasp…..during dry dock cos a family member was seriously ill…..

    There are several other instances where crew members on my team had to borrow money to go home for the death of a grandmother/father brother or sister and NCL would not pay for the ticket home would not even help book the ticket.

    Just to further this along about 9 years ago I was stranded in LA with passport issues. NCL told m at 4 PM ( we were sailing at 5 that I would not be able to stay onboard and I was to leave the ship and the port agent would take care of my needs. No port agent to be found no one from the crew office or oboard the ship would come back to the gangway to help…..it was Sunday no one in the office.

    Thankfully I had 2 colleagues run out to the gangway and handed me 500 USD to use in case of emergency. they had rounded up money from our team to make sure I was not stranded there. It took NCL 3 days to finally book me a hotel after I had paid out of my pocket and my friend parents put me up in their house in Santa Monica for 2 nights.. NCL screwed up and NCL did not care

    it took them nearly 4 months to pay me back my expenses.

    NCL had a employee program called STYLE it was Service Teamwork YES Lead to Excellence that was for the pax. For us crew it meant Screw Totally Your Loyal Employess.

    They just don’t care

  • We won’t be recommending these guys to any of our subscribers on our crazy flight specials website.

    Thanks for the heads up!