Celebrity Century Cruise Ship - Failed CDC ScoreAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), another Celebrity Cruises ship flunked a surprise inspection.

The Celebrity Century failed the CDC inspection, receiving a score of only 78.

Last week we reported that another Celebrity cruise ship, the Summit scored, flunked an inspection with a score of only 81. Three other cruise ships received failing scores as well.  So far this year there have been five cruise ships with failing grades. Read our article: Disease Breeding Grounds: Three Cruise Ships Fail Health & Sanitary Inspections.

The most disturbing finding was not just that the Century was dirty with contaminated food debris, but that crew members worked while ill with gastrointestinal sicknesses. Several of the ill ship employees worked in the galleys or interacted with passengers while ill.  The other cruise ships who flunked the inspections earlier this year also had ill crew members who worked with food and around passengers as well.  

These findings are significant because the cruise lines always blame the passengers when there are norovirus outbreaks and accuse the quests of not washing their hands.  The outbreaks may be due to ill employees who may be contaminating the food and infecting passengers.  

Celebrity Cruise Ship - Failed CDC ScoreYou can read the report of the Century here

The report indicates that two cruise ship cook worked while ill before reporting to the ship’s medical infirmary.  A sick hair stylist worked all day around passengers before going to the medical center. And an ill gift shop attendant worked before going to the medical center and continued working after he was suppose to be in isolation.

A particularly disgusting finding was that the toilet intended for galley workers was found locked when the galley was in service, and when the inspectors opened the door, the bathroom had no toilet paper.

And you wonder why there are norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships?

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Photo Credit: Celebrity Century Cruise Ship – Wikipedia / Emesbe

  • wayne ziemer

    I was on the Celebrity Summit the week of Jan 19. One thing I noticed during the week that food was not kept at proper temperature. I noted this our review of the cruise. I avoided buffet as a personnel choice. Its interesting that the CDC report mentioned temperature of food storage. This is even more critical with their findings of problems with cleaning.

  • Chong Kok Leong

    This ship had the best doctor on board,the medical facility does a very good job in subduing my swelling on my right leg during my tenure there.His name is Dr.Vicenso from Italy.The kitchen crew works very hard but with no recognition from the management and lower rank position gets poor management support.Very unprofesional decisions from the Executive Chefs and Executive Sous Chef.Very poor moral support for those who works on board.Very dirty cabins and crew area,food for the crew and passenger is terrible.I hope someone will look into this matter at SkySea Golden Era.