A newspaper in New Zealand reports that a passenger, identified only as a man from Dunedin, New Zealand, is missing from the Celebrity Cruises’ Solstice cruise ship which left Port Chalmers, New Zealand today. 

It is less than clear whether the man disembarked from the cruise ship, leaving items, including his passport, on board, and didn’t return. Or whether he disappeared at some earlier time while the cruise ship was sailing. 

The article does not state when the man was last seen. It should be easy to determine whether the Celebrity Solstice Cruise Ship passenger used his sea pass card which should have been scanned when he boarded or disembarked the cruise ship.  Unfortunately, this does not always occur.

In another case, American passenger Sarah Tessier Powell set sail on the Holland America Line Veendam cruise ship last year. She disappeared.  Police in Canada speculate that Ms. Powell may have walked off of the HAL ship and didn’t return.  

But how is that possible?

Passenger gangways are supposed to be heavily monitored by security with each passenger’s sea pass card scanned and the gangways always covered by closed circuit television cameras.

Is this another one of those cases?  Or is this a passenger overboard case which the cruise line didn’t realize until the ship arrived in port?

Anyone with information please contact us.


Photo Credit: Constantine Kulikovsky via Wikimedia

  • Kathleen Spiegelberg

    Some people actually do walk off ships, never to return. It could be their choice, or something that happened to them in port. But what would you have the ship do, wait for hours for them atport?

  • Karla

    Cruise lines have been convicted of regularly falsifying records on environmental compliance/discharges. What’s to say they can’t erase a scan for re boarding and clip a little video to take the blame off the ship? Just wondering….

  • Of course not Kathleen. The cruise line should state simply that the passenger scanned his sea pass card as he left the ship and there is video of him walking down the gangway. If they don’t have this basic information, then the cruise lines should tell the truth and avoid having the police and family members try to speculate what happened.

  • Lori

    I have never been able to embark or disembark with out scanning my card. They even have you remove any hat or sunglasses you might be wearing to see a clear picture of your face. This procedure is also used control shipboard outbreaks. If they would be truthful and forthright on these simple questions, the veil of suspicion of a cover up would fall.

  • Kim

    Is this a passenger or a worker who is this person thats missing I wonder because my son works on this ship and was supposed to be flying into america today and have not heard from him who do I contact in regards to finding out any information