The L.A. Times has an interesting article today about whether the new cruise safety proposals marketed to the public after the Concordia disaster are really making a difference.

Entitled Questions Linger One Year After the Costa Concordia Disaster, the article by L.A. Times reporter Mary Forgione asks some tough questions whether the cruise industry has taken the steps necessary to make cruising safer for the public.

Interviewed in the article are two cruise ship survivors who give the issue some true perspective. Weighing in for the cruise industry is former travel agent Christine Duffy, who is now head of the cruise Cruise Ship Safetytrade organization Cruise Line International Association, as well as cruise fan Carolyn Spencer Brown, who is the editor of the pro-cruise website and Expedia & Trip Advisor owned Cruise Critic.  

Ms. Forione interviewed me as the critic of the cruise industry, I suppose.

My take is that the proposals are rather modest. Plus there is no regulatory agency of any type which can actually enforce the proposals. The proposals are mostly happy-talk to try and convince the public that it’s safe keep buying cruises. 

There are more pressing cruise safety issues to worry about that no one is talking about.

The risk of terrorism against a cruise ship is frightening, Consider this. But no one is discussing the inadequate, skeleton crews of security guards on cruise ships.

Nor is anyone focusing on the greatest risk to your family if you cruise. Sexual assault of children, girls and women. Just last week two officers aboard a Princess cruise ship were arrested on allegations that they raped a woman on the Grand Princess. No one is talking about that either. 

  • Eric Rappe

    What i am shocked about is that someone was arrested! This is why i am fighting for third party security on these ships. Someone with no need to defend the name of the cruise line should be investigating these crimes when they happen and reporting the truth! I am disgusted at the way these cruise lines will try and cover up anything that does not make them look wonderful!

  • Gigi

    I think that people are taking away the great beauty of a cruise ship and the pro’s definitely out weigh the cons. Yes, maybe security should be upgraded because nobody wants to cruise and think about women getting raped etc. These days the world is beginning to look a lot scarier, but that doesn’t mea you shouldn’t take a cruise anymore because you hear about these “stories” gossip etc.

  • Dionne Aris

    For a quite some time, I have been asking the same question and managed to speak with a few ship board employees. They all think cruising is much safer and I totally agree.