Newspapers in Germany report that 67 passengers suffered “heavily illness” on a cruise ship last night aboard the Dutch river ship MS Bellriva. Around midnight the passengers began experiencing what is described as “agonizing nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.”

The cruise ship anchored in the district of Wiesbaden Biebrich on the Rhine River.

The newspapers say that the sick passengers were housed in quarantine in a separate area of the ship during the night. That seems quite difficult because the river ship has only three decks. Some Rhine River Bellriva Cruise Ship - River Ship passengers were sent to local hospitals in the morning after experiencing cardio-problems.

There were 188 people on board the ship, including 146 passengers.

The newspaper state that the passengers were stricken with the dreaded norovirus.

50 members of fire rescue departments showed at the shore up to deal with the many ill passengers.

Videos show many medical responders wearing white hazmat suits standing under a sign on the entrance to the cruise ships saying “Welcome Aboard.”