While some cruise ships have elected to hunker down in port and ride out Hurricane Sandy, other ships such as the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas and Carnival’s Miracle are out at sea trying to skirt the high seas and high winds. ABC News reports: 




2 Responses to Hurricane Sandy Causes Cruise Ships to Scatter

Its not worth the risk cruise companies choose to take when decisions are made keeping in mind Profits over Passenger safety! My Dear one is on board the Explorer of the Seas in the Atlantic Sea. The passengers & the crew spent some anxious moments which lasted a good 5 – 7 hours in very, very rough weather with high winds & rough sea on Oct 29th, 2012!!! This is certainly not the kind of experience and ordeal you want thousands of lives to go through in the competitive Hospitality Industry! Especially, when you are well aware of the uncertainties injected by an impending Hurricane!!!

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