A passenger aboard Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas video-taped the collision with the NCL Norwegian Star last week (September 14, 2012) in port in Bermuda.  The NCL ship was hit by high winds (75 MPH) which caused the Star to break away from its mooring lines and strike the stern of the Royal Caribbean ship.

The video was shot from the Windjammer cafe and you can hear the passengers excitedly chattering and sometimes laughing throughout the incident. A Royal Caribbean officer appears in the video and says "you hit my ship!"

The video is by Floobboober (YouTube):



  • Renee

    Where was the Captain of the Star when this was happening? You would think that the Captain or crew would have been doing “something” to try to counteract the effects of the wind. Somebody did a poor job of tying the lines…these ships have dealt with strong winds before when docked!

  • retired Navy

    As a Navy guy, surprised at the apparent lack of reaction of the Star’s in port watch. Surely there is some one in some capacity of command authority and responsibility over there. You don’t tie up something that big and just walk away from it. At the very end it looks like there may be some activity in her bow thrusters, but a dollar short and a day late if you ask me.

  • Thank you for posting this video. amazing how the watchperson must have fallen asleep. This could have easily been avoided if they had re enforced the ropes when the wind started blowing. I worked on ships for several years and undestand how weather can turn quickly but you learn to be ready. I will be going on the Star in June 2013 on a Baltic cruise and hope we don’t get any strong wind. Again, thank you for posting.