A forensic medical expert in Australia, appalled by the high number of rapes and disappearances of passengers on cruise ships, has written a novel to bring awareness to the problem of crime while cruising.

Dr. Kathryn Fox appeared on an Australian morning television program to discuss her book "Cold Grave" about the death, murder and disappearance of cruise passengers. In a nutshell, the novel was inspired by the lawlessness of the cruise industry. The introduction to the interview states that cruising has never been more popular but sailing the high seas has "never been more dangerous."

The video, which you can see at this link, contains rather fascinating cruise crime information:

  • A passenger or crew member goes overboard from cruise ships every two weeks.
  • A woman is twice as likely to be raped on a cruise ship than ashore.
  • 70% of rapists on cruise ships are crew members.
  • Cold Grave - Cruise Ship Crime, Rapes, Murder and Disappearances Sexual predators often target cruise ships.
  • Shorter cruises (2 – 3 days) are more dangerous than longer cruises.

Dr. Fox discusses the disturbing  case of Disney crew member Rebecca Coriam who disappeared from the Disney Wonder cruise ship last year.  

She also mention the case of Australian passenger Dianne Brimble who was drugged and raped on a P&O cruise.

Dr. Fox explains how many passengers "on holiday" let their guard down, drink lots of alcohol, and often engage in behavior that they would not engage in at home, such as drinking in public, walking around at night, and trusting strangers including cruise employees in uniform.   

Don’t forget to watch the video here.