On Thursday night at 10:00 PM, NBC will broadcast a special report on the Costa Concordia during an episode of Rock Center With Brian Williams.  The special will features a story about the survivors of Italy’s Costa Concordia shipwreck, and the rights that they unknowingly signed away when they boarded the ship. Here’s the introduction to the NBC special called "Costa Concordia Survivors Battle Cruise Line for Settlements:"

Six months after the Costa Concordia shipwreck, many survivors are frustrated and angry. Only after their nightmare did they realize that cruise ships are far less accountable than airlines or railroads. In buying their cruise tickets, they signed away rights that Americans usually take for granted. Harry Smith reports on Thursday’s new episode of Rock Center on NBC:



  • Marc

    Captain Schettino in his interview to “EL MUNDO”


    Place 50.000 euros to interview him ?? Wow…

  • David

    I am sorry for this but, you news people need to get your heads out of your back sides, Carnival is destroying peoples vacations, if you would spend a few minutes just on their Facebook page or on cruise critics. you will find that accident in January has started a landfall of customer issues that range from “simple bad food”, “complete invasion of privacy” all the way to, falsely representing their product, lying, and double charging customer and out right stealing by not providing full disclosure of ticket contract before purchasing. take a look for your selves, at the last 60 days on the Carnival FB page, and you will see. hundreds of post, begging for customer service, asking why people were told about condition before they purchased boarding passes. It is quickly becoming an epidemic. and carnival has proven time and time again they don’t care, nor is there anything anyone can do about it..