Captain Schettino - Costa Concordia Earlier today I blogged that the Italian judges released Costa Captain Schettino of the doomed Concordia cruise ship from house arrest. The judges also released him from the strict prohibition against speaking with anyone other than his lawyer and close family friends.  

So by this afternoon we have one of Captain Schettino’s first statements.

It’s a whopper.

AFP quotes Schettino saying that a "divine hand" guided him and saved lives. 

"A divine hand surely touched my head . . . If I had continued on that path the ship’s prow would have hit the rock. It would have been carnage." 

"There are those who say the impact with the stern was caused because I was suffering from a hallucination. What hallucination! It was rather my instinct, my skills, the ability to know the sea and suddenly change direction."

Ah, a coward captain who killed 32 innocent souls but now thanks himself and his co-pilot God.

The Italian judges should send Schettino to a mental institution.   

  • Antonio

    If you have no experience as a crew menber just have a look this picture nothing more than that.
    Last year i had a technical problem with internet cafe
    on board of mariner of the seas.
    After log out the display come out blank,at pay day my bill has $112 no stop use and i show my time sheet on duty for several hours.
    At crew office no one help me,i complain to the captain and the anwser ;
    “because you try to jeopardize the system ”
    How ?
    We have only access to keyboard and display nothing more than that.
    After that i found out more collegues with same problem.
    Be aware of cruise ships because they are there to screw-up to robber, it is a shame !!!!