Bard and Jerry Heil - Costa ConcordiaItaly announced that it is ending recovery efforts to locate the missing passengers and crew of the Costa Concordia due to the dangerous conditions which surround the stricken cruise ship.
Three crewmembers and thirteen passengers are confirmed dead.  One other body was recovered which has not been identified. 

The following passengers remain missing, either trapped in the cruise ship or missing at sea: 

Dayana Arlotti, William M. Arlotti, and Maria Grazia Trecarichi, from Italy.

Elisabeth Bauer, Christina Mathi Ganz,  Norbert Josef Ganz, Margarethe Neth,  Margrit Schroeter, Siglinde Stumpf, and Brunhild Werp, from Germany.

Michael M. Blemand and Mylene Litzler, from France.

Micky Arison - Carnival CEO - Miami HeatBarbara Heil and Gerald Heil, from the United States.

Two crewmembers are missing:

Girolamo Giuseppe, from Italy,

Russel Terence Rebello, from India. 

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that Carnival CEO who is yet to make a public appearance following the Concordia disaster was seen at court-side watching his NBA basketball team play  the New York Knicks. 


Photo Credits:

Micky Arison:  Reuters/Robert Sullivan

  • robert

    Mickey Arrison, is heartless, corporate pi, with no human feelings whatsoever, who never cared for anybody but himself, nor did Caarnival corporatio, everything is about money, but when he pays baskeball players 10 of millions dollars per season, that’s fine, even they are overpaid, everybody knows that, how many times Charles Barkley said in public, they don’t deserve that salaries, they really need to earn them. I reaaly hope, this Concordia disaster, will put Mickey and the company to a ver bad spot for years to come, and no money in law suits will be abe to compensate loss of human lives, freinds, relative famili members, Mickey you make me sick to my stomach . . .