ABC News reports tonight that over 30 cruise passengers were suffering from sickness when the Celebrity Silhouette cruise ship called on St. Maarten today.

Over the last few days, at least four cruise ships have suffered from outbreaks of illness, including norovirus: the Oasis of the Seas and the Voyager of the Seas (both operated by Royal Caribbean Cruises) and the Crown Princess and the Ruby Princess (operated by Princess Cruises).

If you have information about the illness aboard the Silhouette, please leave a comment below.

  • PHILIPSBURG – The Celebrity Silhouette Cruise Ship arrived at the Pointe Blanch harbor on Monday morning with 31 passengers suffering from a stomach illness.

    Maria Henry Section Head of General Public Health confirmed the illness as gastroenteritis.

    At 4pm on Monday afternoon the amount of infected persons on board the ship had reduced to 26 cases due to the containment and sanitizing measures that were taken by the cruise ship.

    The symptoms are similar to the norovirus but it could not be confirmed at press time because samples were not taken nor were tests done to confirm this.

    Gastroenteritis also known as the gastric flu, is spread through close contact with infected persons and symptoms similar to that of the “norovirus” include nausea followed by vomiting and diarrhea.

    The norovirus was recently discovered on cruise ships coming from the Caribbean region.

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control maintains an online database of norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships at .

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  • qmp

    I don’t know anything about these other cruises, but we were on the Disney Wonder last week and suffered an outbreak as well. I was ill Wednesday night, my 11 year old became sick on Saturday Feb 4th and now that we are home, my husband is sick. No fun at all.

  • Jonathan Kight

    I am a crew member on the Norwegian Epic. We are in St. Maarten today docked next to the Celebrity Constellation, and we’re told that their ship has over 100 cases of Norovirus this week as well.

  • Pauline

    We were told by our niece who is now on board the Celebrity, Silhouette returning to NJ from the Caribbean on 2/10 that there was an outbreak of stomach virus or some bacteria that affected at least 300 passengers on board that cruise ship. She was subsequently confined to her room for 2 days.

    What preventive measures should future passengers take to avoid illness on their vacation. Antibiotics, or other meds should be part of our packing gear prehaps? How could this be prevented. Perhaps skip St. Maarten and head towards an alternate Island? This is a concern
    especially when we anticipate an R n R not illness????

  • Robert Breen

    We are sailing Feb. 10 th on the Silhoutte and just recieved an email that states our departure will be delayed due to an enhanced sanitizing onboard the ship witnin the cruise terminal. All it says that a “number” of guests onboard experienced gastrointestinal illness.

  • charlie

    lv. feb. 10 on ship; not sure of departure time? as usual, the blind leading the blind; we called celebrity and they did not know;

  • Teresa

    Hubby and I are sailing on Celebrity Silhouette 2/10/12. I’m bringing extra hand sanitizer and anti-diahhreal pills and hoping for the best. Can anyone who is currently on the ship explain how they are handling the “confinement to stateroom”? Is only the sick person confined, or are all occupants of the cabin confined. If excursions, beverage packages, or specialty restaurants were booked for dates/times they are confined, are they getting a refund for those excursions?

  • Howie Alazraki

    I am due to sail on the Celebrity Silhouette on Friday, February 10 from Bayonne, NJ.

    I received a notice from the cruise line saying that the Silhouette had an outbreak of some virus (no one at Celebrity knew which one since they failed to take samples); nor how many people were ill. In fact, NO ONE at Celebrity seemed to have ANY real information regarding the illness, Trying to contact them and get accurate information was a useless runaround of holding for various departments – sometimes for an hour.

    My main concern. is that I am very AUTOIMMUNE, which means I catch viruses and other infectious diseases extremely easily. My body does not do a good job of protecting me from such illnesses, because of medications I have taken for decades, as well as the fact that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease.

    Does anyone else share this problem, or have any information or advice for me?

    Thank uo much,


  • Pam Guerrera

    Well I just got off the Celeberty Silhouette Had the bug.Told to stay in my room.there were a lot of people sick you don’t know about

  • Kate Basile

    My 86 yr old mother-in-law and I just returned from a 12 day cruise on the Silhouette. The last 3 days were pure hell due to my mother contracting norovirus, and there was a day that I thought we might lose her due to the severity of her symptoms. I am quite angry that the cruise line did not warn us that the ship had norovirus reported on the previous cruise…which by the way arrived in Bayonne at 8:00 AM, was supposedly cleaned and sanotized and left promptly at 5:00 PM for the next cruise. That’s unloading 3,000 + passengers and reloading 3,000+ different passengers. Should have given us the option of cancelling the cruise, as 6 days in the Caribbean is nice but not worth your life.

  • Kate Basile

    I am back to say that after reading the other comments and the press notice from Celebrity, I am more outraged. They say the virus was reduced to 26 people by Monday? That is a flat out lie. There were at least 300 official reports of the illness and probably another 300 people that did not go through their silly medical evaluation and quarantine process. Just unbelievable how they spin this!

  • Sonie Z

    Just got off the 12 day on the silhouette. The crew did an admirable job of constantly cleaning everything that is touched! Hpwever, it is not a pleasant experience.ALthough my husband & I did not get ill (yet), seeing crew wearing masks and dressed in hazmat “whites” is somewhat unsettling. The number of passengers stricken was never specified. A seasoned cruiser, this was our first Celebrity. For multiple other reasons we were not impressed. The virus was certainly the icing on the cake.

  • Peter Sharp

    My parents just got off the ship today in Bayonne.
    Mom was sick for 5 days but said the medical attention was excellent.
    First bad experience with Celebrity, did say quality of food has gone down.
    Thank God it wasn’t something worse.

  • Sue

    There were many more people sick on this cruise than reported. We were seven and two of us were sick, and didn’t report to the nurse. I’m sure this was true of most of the sick passengers. The crew cleaned constantly by spraying but using the same rag to wipe the cleaner on. Cabin staff knew who was Sick because they sanitized bathrooms constantly but there is no plan for them to report those numbers. We had no idea that there was a virus on the cruise before us until we read it here!

  • Moppy

    I was also one of the sick on celebrity Silhoette out of Bayonne. After our cabin cleaners
    Wiped up the bathroom floor with no gloves on, they brought in two new glasses
    With those same fingers holding them from the inside of the glass. Why can’t the u.s.
    Health dept. have any say on these ships?

  • Jo

    We sailed on the Silhouette and returned on Feb. 10. I spoke to a cruise official on Sunday after the superbowl party to ask how many were ill aboard. She replied, “Not Many but when they start serving you food and not allowing you to touch things you will know it is bad.” The next day they saran wrapped everything and began not allowing us to touch anything including salt and pepper shakers. We did not get ill and were left to guess how many were ill. The MANAGEMENT aboard Silhouette was HORRIBLE. The workers were left to handle all complaints and until the outbreak of the illness, we rarely saw any officials. I had also heard that there were 3 deaths aboard but possibly not related to the virus. News people need to investigate b/c the ship lines DO NOT want to lose revenue and will NOT be honest. I am greatly appalled by the terrible management of this ship. Other Celebrity ships have been well managed.

  • Sue

    WE are going on the silhoutte march 29th, i am soooo scared to get this norovirus!!! I can not beleive my agent even told me very few had this i asked if they get rid of linens he said no just sanitize while i understand it is costly i would think this would be important i do not want to sleep on a bed that someone who had norovirus was on! I am just wondering some on here stated it was already there from the past sailing, is anyone sure of this? And you do not get any type of reimbursement if you do not want to go? I am getting very worried as I already have GI issues! The CDC website is very helpful!

  • me

    I am sickened by the comments made re this cruise line the Sillhouette was the worst cruise experience I have had in 32 cruises. The Captain and crew should be ashamed of themselves for allegedly knowingly allowing passengers to board a ship that had subsequently had the noravirus I fully agree with Jo. The food was awful and I contracted then virus on the last day ruining my additional New York stay and shows.Sadly I have a further cruise booked with this line but never again after that. I shall be making a formal complaint when I return home seeking appropriate compensation which I believe should have been forthcoming from the company for all the so called food safety measures we had to endure for a large part of the cruise.

  • Bette

    I was on the Silloutte and trust me there Were a great number of people sick. They are not reporting accurate numbers. The crew tried hard to keep things clean, no easy task on a ship that large. I went into the bathroom outside of dining area one night and a woman was throwing up all over the floor. I’m now sick at home and wonder if I got it from the bathroom, like vomit spray, oh yuck. Anyway got home fri woke up sick sat, feel like crap and don’t even get a discount on next cruise cause I’m home. However I don’t know if I’d ever go on another cruise thing spreads fast!

  • Jean

    The biggest problem was the outbreak of stomach virus that happened. We were not officially informed of this until 8 days into the cruise although we had spoken to several people before such time and knew that there was a problem. Official report as of yesterday from the CDCP stated that 174 passengers and 11 crew were affected. We know that several of the people we had spoken to were ill for one or two days and did not report this so many more people were affected by this virus. It was only after the official notice went out that the ship began to enforce the cleaning of hands before entering the dining room and passengers were no longer able to serve themselves in the buffet area and tables were cleaned after use. Although of a few occasions we had to ask that the table be cleaned. While we cannot blame the ship for the virus happening, we feel that these precautions should have been put into place way before they were. Now I understand that the virus was present on the cruise that ended on January 29th just before we left at 5:00 PM.on that same day.
    I am also home today sick and will never take a cruise with them again. In addition, I am writing to express my dissatisfaction regarding this matter.

  • gpw
  • Debbie

    My family sailed on the Silhouette that returned on Feb 10th. My husband and I were fine but my 11 year old wound up sick for two days. Although he wasn’t as bad as many of the other passengers, I spent two days in our cabin with him unable to make him feel better. It was a rough couple of days. Our cabin stewards were fantastic with helping clean and keep everything fresh in our cabin. I agree the crew was constantly working to try and sanitize and clean however, the changes that were made to try and prevent the spread of the illness made it very difficult to enjoy the rest of the cruise. For almost the entire cruise, we were not allowed to “self serve” anything. This included serving yourself in the buffet area, using salt and pepper shakers, putting cream in your tea/coffee, etc. When I have to wait 20 minutes or better on a line to get a cup of tea in the morning, I’m not a happy person. We also didn’t know there was an outbreak of the virus on the sailing before ours. This is information that absolutely should have been shared.

  • Jo

    This is to Sue…CANCEL your cruise on Silhouette and go on a different ship! You can cancel if you have insurance I believe based upon all the sickness NOT reporter but stated here. Believe me Silhouette is the WORST SHIP I’ve ever been on and I’ve sailed quite a few Celebrity ships. The management is non existent and the workers therefore are lackadaisical. If they had cleaned the cabins and the tables like they should have in the beginning perhaps there wouldn’t be the large problem they had. It wasn’t until everyone began getting ill the management stepped up. the way…our dinner server was ill and we were told “He had a headache and would be back the next night.” Why weren’t we surprised when he wasn’t back the next night and NO ONE gave any reasons. I’m just hoping I don’t get sick…the incubation is a few days after exposure from what I’ve read.

  • Stephanie

    We were on the Silhouette. We obviously knew many people had been sick. We were told that if a crew member is ill and has a roommate, they are both quarantined. Some people who were ill never reported to the infirmary, so there is no way to know the exact number of those affected. We felt that they did the best they could to sanitize the ship. The library books were all removed to be sanitized. We believe they were going to be “bombing” everywhere with sanitizing agents, like an exterminator would do. The waiters were working twice as hard to serve everything as we were not allowed to touch anything as others have described.
    Everywhere I went I saw cleaners. I believe some of the blame goes to passengers who were not courteous about passing germs. One lady walked by me in the buffet area coughing away. Another lady coughed into her hand and touched everything at the table around her. We enjoy Celebrity and will certainly go on more cruises with them. The worst part of the cruise for us was all of the complaining.

  • Mimi

    I was sick twice and isolated twice. Most cases were not reported because passengers didn’t want to be isolated. Many other passengers weren’t reported because they were too sick to leave their room to go to medical. When you can’t stop vomiting and have violent diarrhea how can you leave your bathroom? At least a third of the passengers had this virus. While in isolation, room service refused to give me anything from the diabetic menu . They sent food that I , a diabetic, could not eat. After 5 of these meals I finally got it corrected ( almost 2days later), Princess cruises are giving
    full refunds , paying costs to change flights, paying for hotel rooms, giving a 25% discount on a future cruise. What is Celebrity giving us as compensation? NOTHING!

  • Anne

    We just arrived back from 7 nights on the EPIC. We heard about the other ships with the illness and my husband and I constantly washed our hands and used sanitizer….and just careful what we touched. We had no problems and don’t believe that anyone on this ship was ill.

  • Susan

    I too was on the Silhouette with my husband. He was fine but I was not. The numbers reported were wrong, there were many more cases not reported.

    We have travelled on many Celebrity cruises and I would have to say this was the worse. We had purchased the premium beverage package and two days into the cruise we were told we could only have a glass of wine because the one that we had requested, they had run out of and it would not be replaced until St. Thomas. The wine person then proceded to ignore use for the rest of the evening. We reported this to the Maitre D and they moved our table to another section so we would not have the same sommier. Does this mean the next cruise leaving would be out of wine?
    They sent the head sommier to our table and offered us better wine. OK they tried to retify the problem but it should never have happened.

    There is much room for improvement.

  • Gail

    My husband and I returned on the Silhouette on Friday, thankful to be home safe and sound. Well, almost sound. He did not suffer from the virus but I wasn’t as fortunate. I spent the last three full days in my cabin very sick and unable to leave. Many, many people were sickened, with some requiring extensive medical intervention. Celebrity is “veiling” the truth in not reporting the true extent of the epidemic. Cabin attendants know very well who is sick under their watch and can easily be enlisted to report their findings to the medical staff. It would be a most sensible and easy system to establish if honesty and concern for their passengers were Celebrity’s aim. This experience has raised serious doubts about our cruising future.

  • Joe Morella

    I was on the Celebrity Silhouette that departed on 1/29 and returned on 2/10. We enjoyed our cruise, ship, food (ate in specialty restaurants most nights), entertainment and staff. Unfortunately on Tuesday evening I became ill with the virus and I was confined to my room until we got off the boat on Friday morning. The cruise line absolutely took precautions with cleaning and sanitizing, removed bread, sugar, salt/pepper, butter and any other common elements from the tables/bars. In the buffet area, they shrink wrapped off the food and you were served and blocked off the beverage stations which caused tremendous lines. They even asked the crew and passengers to refrain from shaking hands and had several communications in print and PA system informing passenger of the importance of cleaning their hands.
    They did NOT share how big the problem was with passengers and it was much bigger problem than what was reported to the CDC for the reasons mentioned by other above. The medical assistance was a joke because you went there to fill out 6 pages of documentation to get over the counter remedies and then you were confined to your room until 24 hours after your last symptoms (technically your still contagious for 3 days after your last symptoms according to the CDC and can carry up to 2 weeks). Many passengers saved themselves the effort of going down to the medical area and self medicated and other in the same cabins just share what was provided by the ships doctor, thus skewng the number of cases reported to the CDC. (Which was under 200 crew and passengers)

    PLEASE NOTE hand sanitizers DO NOT work against the NOROVIRUS only soap and water. So the cruise line beefing up the hand sanitizers on the boat is good but does nothing to combat the Norovirus.

    What I’m angry about is that there were passengers that had returned on 1/29 that were sick and we were not informed and advance safety precautions were not in place until we hit St. Maarten, which was too late. We know that there were sick people on the previous cruise because we know of some people on the ship and a few crew were sick when we boarded. Never confirmed why, but the art studio cancelled events due to illness for the first few days and we didn’t have a cabin stewart when we boarded on 1/29.

    What is odd to me is that Princess had an issue on their ships and it delayed them from their departure date until the ship was sanitized. I’m just not sure HOW Celebrity can do it in a 2-3 extra hours??? We know two couples that departed on 2/10 and although I hope they don’t have issues, I can’t help but be curious to see if there are any additional cases on this cruise. I think Celebrity should be negligent and be refunding cruises if they knowingly sent the ship out with proper precautions.

    As for me, I got a letter in my room from Celebrity advising they were giving me a credit for 1 day I was quarantined. I’m not sure how they count, because it was 2.5 days, so I called guest relations number and explained to them on Thursday that I was still quarantined and it should at least be 2 full days. The gentlemen was very nasty explaining they were just giving one days credit, so I pushed and advised that doesn’t seem right if they are putting in the letter that I was quarantined for 1 day. He finally said he would change it and get me a new letter but it was not received by Friday when we departed and with my partner praying we didn’t need a bathroom during our 40 minute ride home it wasn’t worth pursuing that morning.

    I contacted Channel 12 new desk and they picked up the story locally in New Jersey. I reached out to another major network and they claimed there was only 40 sick passenger, so they obviously didn’t do their homework because if they looked on the CDC website they would have seen even the ship reported almost 200. However it’s all about the all mighty dollar. Think about it… Celebrity advertises on the major networks and it can kill a revenue stream for the networks if they are providing bad press… Good luck to the future passengers of the Silhouette.

    For those of you thinking about a cruise… JUST DO IT… Although the CDC numbers are not a 100% true picture of how many passengers were sick, only 10-15 cruise ships annually to make it to the CDC website. Based on the number of cruises annually, take your chances.

  • Sue – Long Island, New York

    I too was on the Silhouette from 1/29 to 2/10 and on the last full day I got violently sick and was isolated to my room by the ship’s doctor(?). There were hundreds of people sick and the customs agent told us they reported 3 (yes, 3) cases to them. Of course, he knew the ship’s people were lying through their teeth. As a long time cruiser and Elite CC member, it is going to be a long time before I book another cruise with these liers. Unfortunatley another cruise (on the Summit) was booked 3 months ago, but I am thinking of cancelling. All the stories above are true. Now I am going after compensation which, no doubt,will be another stomach wrenching experience with Celebrity. After the Summit this summer, I won’t be booking with them any more. In fact, after 18 years, the cruise bubble has finally deflated with me.

  • Mimi

    Were there any lawyers among the sick passengers who can start a class action suit to get compensation?

  • Lori Fuller

    I sailed on the Celebrity Silhouette from January 29 through February 10. I have had intestinal issues since I returned home. Thought it was just a bug, but is not going away. Drs. tomorrow. I would not recommend this trip. There were several sick on board and several that told me in passing that they were sick and had not reported it. It is correct that they had everything wrapped in plastic and you were not allowed to touch salt and pepper shakers, bread baskets, etc. They switched from cloth towels in the bathrooms to paper towels. They removed books from the library. I also heard there were deaths on the ship, but what the cause was, was not determined. This was my first cruise and it certainly will be my last. We were also not made aware that there was a virus before we boarded. We went with a bus load from upstate NY and I know there were several on the bus that said they had gotten sick. Not exactly how you want to spend twelve days of your vacation time. Was an absolute waste of money and now more money invested with drs.

  • Marty

    My wife and I sailed 40 cruises over the years. We were on the Silhoette from 1/5/12 til 17th. She got ill. Confined to room. Room steward took no extra care in cleaning the room or changing the rag he wiped down the room or touch the glasses. I believe the problem starts when first arriving on the ship. Years ago, you got on the ship when you were allowed to go to your cabin. Today, they are boarding 2 1/2 hours before room is ready. People take their dirty hand luggage up to the buffet. Do not wash their hands before approaching the food. This needs to change. By the way the mdr food was terrible. Also years ago there was three crew to every passenger. Today it’s reversed and the ships are much larger. No way to clean them properly in a few hours.

  • J Fortier

    Was on Silhouette – Jan 29/Feb 10th – My wife and I were on Celebrity silhouette – Jan 29 – Feb 10th – and we were very impress by all the measures taken by the Cruise line to contain this virus to spread all over. The crew cleans each handrail every hour and there are probably a couple of miles all over this large ship, each table at the dining was disinfected before others passengers used it. We had Purell distributors everywhere to sanitize ours hands. As far as we are concern the crew and the officer did a great job to contain this virus under 200 passengers out of more than 2,600. On other hand I saw one ladies on our deck who was sick at the dining room and she argue with a crew member because she did not want to go back is her cabin….

  • Jimmy

    I’m going on the 12 night cruise on 2/17. It sounds like the last (2) 12 night cruises have been affected. I don’t understand though, if the ship leaves on Sundays and returns on Thursdays….how is 4 days not enough time to disinfect the ship? I have been on 7 day cruises where there are only about 3-5 hours where no passengers are aboard and the crew has to work very quickly.

  • Judy

    Remember. Hand sanitizer does NOT kill Norovirus. Only thorough washing with soap and water.

  • Corinne Rognon

    We also were on board during the 12 day cruise starting last Jan. 29. My husband was ill for 24 hours and didn’t report it, as I’m sure most people in his situation also didn’t. I was in the clinic twice for a non-related problem, and reported a situation that struck me as unbelievable under the circumstances, to Guest Relations. During all the time I was in there with all those sick people, I saw no one cleaning the areas that those patients had touched, i.e. arm chairs, toilets, counter, DOOR KNOBS. Isn’t it THE place where disinfecting should have been first and foremost? Guest relations told me that someone cleaned the doorknob every 30 minutes. Well I was there longer than 30 minutes each time and never witnessed this. Needless to say I was very careful of using my sleeve to open the doors. I think passengers should have been forwarned of this situation. I cannot believe that two or three hours would be sufficient to sanitize the whole ship before another “batch” of passengers was allowed aboard. This kind of attitude on the part of Celebrity could backfire.

  • Ruthanne Serreino

    This is so upsetting to me because my husband and I sailed on Silouette’s Inaugaral cruise from Nov. 6,2011 to Nov. 18, 2011 to celebrate our 55th anniversary.
    We were on deck 7 fore and we had to walk the 1000 ft. corridor to the other end to get to the elevator that goes down to the restaurant. My husband complained after a few days that he couldn’t stand the cold air and wind that would hit us in the face and chest as we traveled this corridor. Into the second week, he began feeling sick with chills and overall weekness. The day we departed, he was so week and chilled that we had to put extra clothes on him to keep him comfortable until we got home, which was on a Friday. I took him to the doctor on Monday and was found to have an infection and was given an antibiotic, he didn’t to feel any better with the antibiotic so I took him back to the doctor who then took xrays of his chest and found him to have double pneumonia. His medication was changed to a specific one for pneumonia and after 3 days, he died…exactly 2 weeks after returning home. He was 75 years old and in excellent physical health, which he just had a complete physical evaluation before this trip. I am convinced that his condition was caused by a virus going through the air ways on the ship. I intend to seek legal counseling concerning this situation.

  • Barbara Forkel

    Does anyone know if this virus continues to persist? We are leaving on the Silhouette for an extended cruise to Europe next month, the same day it returns from the Caribbean?

  • Joe Morella

    Barbara –

    It’s Joe who wrote the long winded review above.
    I know of people who were on the ship after us and they took many of the same precautions for the first few days of the cruise but relaxed the extra precautions by day 4th or 5th day.

    It’s my understanding that it was NOT a noticeable issue on the ship on the cruise that left on February 10th. The link above is for the CDC but I think ships only need to report when the number of sick passengers reaches a certain percentage.

    Although the virus put a damper on the end of our cruise we really had a great time 9 of 12 days. After getting off the ship I didn’t think I would want to cruise for a year or two but my ill feeling have passed and I booked another cruise in November.

    Keep in mind, the Norovirus is usually at its peak in January and February and doesn’t just impact cruise ships.

  • Paul

    The best way to keep yourself norovirus free is to wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap. Also do not touch your mouth with your hands after touching any surface that could have been touched by someone else.

  • Barbara

    I just returned from the March 17th trip on the Silhouette. Out of 3 couples three are already sick when we left the ship. Was anyone else sick? Can we be remimbursed for doctor visits and drugs and time out for work? This is simply terrible.

  • Charles Derek

    Celebrity Silhouette
    Sailing Date April 22, 2012
    Passengers suffering from upper respiratory illnesses through out the ship. Many of the passengers were hospitalized upon returning home or they’re on strict antibiotic regiments. Celebrity is advising if you did not report the illness while on the ship, no compensation will be made. They’re also stating that the ship was sanitized early in 2012 and that no problem presently exist.
    Those who were on this transatlantic cruise and became ill should report their illness to Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Corporate and Customer Relations Department, 1-888-305-9153. They need to get their head out of the sand reference this problem.

  • David

    I thought id have to respond to these comments. I have just returned 12 june 2012 on Silhouette in Med. Second time on Silhouette and 8th time on Celebrity. No norovirus or repiratory conditions. I avoid any room with aircon near bed and always get it turned off/right down as soon as I get on as we have had issues on other ships (Cunard mostly). After 14 cruises, I have been on ships with the virus and get used to the enhanced hygene in restaurants. I make sure I always use the gel even if just passing through and avoid using the public bathrooms. Thats all you really need to do. Use your common sense. Be careful what you eat/drink off ship as well. Simple!

  • Ann

    Our Celebrity Solstice cruise out of Barcelona on 8/27/12 had a huge outbreak of the norovirus. People were sick at the end of the cruise,chowever Celebrity loaded up the ship to head back out the same day. I don’t see how in the world the boat could have been cleaned thoroughly.