Costa Concordia Sinking - Evacuation Cruise ShipCosta Cruise Lines’ Costa Concordia cruise ship has evacuated most of its passengers after a disastrous situation this evening near the island of Giglio in southern Tuscany, Italy. 

Media reports suggest that the cruise ship ran aground or struck a reef after departing from its regular course.   

The grounding ruptured the hull and water entered the vessel, leading to the forced evacuation of many of the 4,231 passengers and crew from the stricken cruise ship into lifeboats.  There are reports that passengers jumped into the water during the chaotic circumstances following the grounding. 

The official statements from the cruise line are factually vague.  There is no explanation regarding the cause of the grounding.  The cruise line proclaims that the passengers are "not at risk," but this is probably the usual misleading and false cruise propaganda.  Some media sources are reporting that there are passengers who are dead.  Media sources are reporting around 3  passegers died and up to 50 are missing. 

The Italian cruise ship carrying 3,200 passengers and approximately one thousand crewmembers.  The Costa Concordia had departed for a Mediterranean cruise includio ports in Civitavecchia, Palermo, Cagliari, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, ​​Marseille and Savona.

News sources are quoting a passenger describing the mishap similar to the Titanic disaster, "with a scramble among the evacuees, screaming and crying."

January 14, 2012 Update:

Costa issued a statement that the cruise ship struck a "rock."   Other news sources are reporting that the captain was arrested for manslaugter and abandoning the ship.  

Canadian television CTV has an article about the grounding and cruise safety issues – Crime, Fires Compromise Cruise Ship Safety: Experts –  which you can read here.

Costa Concordia Cruise Ship Sinking

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  • Andy

    Do we know any additional information as of what had happened there?

  • sef foruma

    it looks pretty bad, perhaps 35-40 degree angle, unbelievable

  • anton sp

    Ya Allah, berilah keselamatan terhadap kerabat saya citra kharisma yang jadi crew di kapal costa yg tenggelam, dan juga terhadap crew lain dan juga semua penumpangnya.

  • Maria Luisa R. Antonio

    what happened to the Filipino crews there, we have no news on what could have happened to them, my son-in-law was one of the Filipino crews there. The Philippine government should notify us. May God blesses and protects us always!

  • Riley

    One man aged about 70 jumped and had a heart attack due to shock as he entered the freezing water.

  • Pat

    My huysband and I have cruised quite a bit. The reports of panic among the passengers brings to mind our latest cruise out of New Orleans on a Carnival ship. Honestly, the boat drill was treated more like an amusement. My husband uses a wheelchair so I was instructed to take him to a lounge area where other passengers with various disabilities were. There was no uniformed crewmember to organize this group. The elevators were locked (as they should have been) but no one could tell us how the disabled passengers were to get up the stairs and to the boat deck. I finally found a crewmember who told me that in a real emergency “something” would be done… and then walked off. I had to show several of the people how to properly put their lifejackets on. Boat Drills are not a joke.

  • Friday 13, an unlucky day. Unbelievable what happen.

  • think safety

  • Norman Echelberry

    I live in Genova where Costa Cruises offices are located. The current death toll is 3 dead, 2 French and a Peruvian. The ship did not sink and is laying on its side. Evacuation of passengers trapped on board are still going on. The captain Francesco Schettino has 11 years experience with Costa Cruises.

  • Indie @rie

    Contributing to grieve for passengers and crew of Costa Concordia, hopefully serve a lesson to all cruise line industry and tighten problem of safety @ sea

  • JC

    Would like to hear a response from Carnival / Royal Caribbean of why we should not be afraid of this happening. How did it happen? Could it happen to us?

  • Martha Charles

    I work on a passenger cruise ship so this is terrifying to me. I feel for the crew and passenger.I read that a man panicked and jumped in the water – The passenger drill is very important. My God how could something like this happen.What is the captain saying. How? This is a very sad day in the cruise industry for both crew and passenger.

  • Velanie V. Gesta

    god help my friends….

  • vincent

    i am so shocked on what happened. but god knows everything.. we need to pray.. i also worked in a cruise ship… we just be prepared and will pray for safety

  • Our Pommie

    My father, a British merchant seafarer has been banging on for years that something like this would happen. I notice the comments section on John Heald’s blog contains no reference to this incident…

  • Gabs

    The latest I’ve read from BBC is that 40 are still missing and the confirmed dead are two French guests and one Peruvian crew member. The ship’s “black box” has been retrieved and an investigation will begin shortly.
    The captain is in custody for questioning but hasn’t been charged with a crime so far.

    Can’t believe I used to do that itinerary every week only 2 years ago. And I’m sorry, but people from the US are only second to the Italians when it comes to disregard for the pax drill. I was in charge of a life boat team and Italians would give me such a headache.

    NCL, RCCL, Carnival, et al, learn something from this!

  • Saya kakak ivan penjamin, sekarang keadaan sana kek mana, kami disini sangat kawatir tolong balas ya.

  • Norman Echelberry

    As a Costa Crewmember from 1997-2002 I am very sorry to see such tragedy. To all the passengers and crewmembers aboard the Costa Concordia, I feel your grief and feel your anger. This accident should of never happened. I hope Costa Cruises does not abandoned those who have suffered just like the Captain abandoned his crew.

  • fahrul

    Dear all

    Please info crew named Sri Umaroh Handayani from jakarta indonesia, she is my sister. God ALLAH please safe my sister. Amin

  • Chuck

    That close to shore should a pilot have been onboard ? If so, who would have been in control of the ship and/or responsible for what happened ?

  • spencer

    I was booked on the Concordia for 2-17. Costa just emailed me. They are offering NO compensation for lost airfare for cancelling my cruise after running into a rock and killing a few people. They are offering to pay my airline change fee (but not the considerable difference in fares) if I book another cruise with them *but* they require that the cruise leave in June (when fares to Europe are much higher). In addition to the inconvenience, Costa’s breach of contract will cost me and my travel partner approx. one thousand dollars. May I sue Costa in court?

  • hayden watkins

    This is so sad. Imagine to go on vacation and to end up in a panic/injured/worse yet dead. My prayers go out to the passsengers and hopefully the cruise lines understand what went wrong and put things in place so it is not repeated in the future.

  • Greenling

    Why is the media blaming the crew? They saved 4000 panicking people’s lives with only a handful of casualties, and they stayed with the ship even after everyone had been evacuated.

    Most of the people who died were those who jumped against all orders not to do so.

  • Patrick Capito

    my wife and i were on board costa concordia when it ran aground. we need a legal advice on what to do now. The crew obviously was not prepared on what to do with these types of disasters. No one saved us but ourselves. Costa did not even help us after we got into the island. The locals from the island Giglio were all very welcoming giving us everything they could to keep us warm.

  • Hank Bott

    I’ve been on 2 cruises. My company has been in sales of Diesel engines for ships of all types and always aware of cruise ship problems. on my last cruise, I snoozed in my cabin while they were holding the drill. The drills are necessary, BUT, when all hell breaks loose, no one will know what to do except save their skin. !All for them selves and the hell with the directions. ! Basic human nature is to save your self, your sense of self preservation looms large in a disaster. I KNOW what I will do when it happens. and it depends on the given situation. Some of the old people I saw on board each cruise would have one hell of a bad time in an emergency. I have been aboard Lake freighters,tug boats, research ships, crew,mail and tool boats are a hazardous adventure each time. While aboard one out of Michigan they motored next to a 1000 foot ore freighter at full speed, the waves and spray were enormous. One of the crew said, “Hold it until it calms down.” ” I said, That’ll be next week !” I had visions of that small mail boat turning over in the wake of waves and sliding under that 1000 foot freighter.

  • I can’t believe thatthe captain just abandoned his ship. This was really a disaster.

  • akhila

    it is a very sad incident & the rescue operations done by them are really good and its really a mistake of captain

  • Toniann

    No matter how much I read about this tragedy it never ceases to make me so angry. All of this could have been avoided had the Captain not gotten so close to the reef where he decided to run off his course. What makes it even more sickening is how he cowardly abandoned his own ship to save his own life. Costa needs to compensate each and every passenger that was aboard that ship. Even more devestating is that there is no compensation for the people who lost their lives on that ship or for the families that lost their loves ones. This makes me think twice about ever cruising again.

  • denyse

    pat- im in a wheelchair and am so thankful i made it home safe off of every cruise we went on. they were on carnival. during the drill they told me to go to the specific section for disabled passengers. in the event of an emergency staff would assist us, bull crap, noone would have came back for us.just look, the captain of the ship abandoned it! carnival dropped me out of my wheelchair and we got nothing to compensate, a certificate for 10% off our next cruise. NO THANKS

  • denyse

    pat- im in a wheelchair and am so thankful i made it home safe off of every cruise we went on. they were on carnival. during the drill they told me to go to the specific section for disabled passengers. in the event of an emergency staff would assist us, bull crap, noone would have came back for us.just look, the captain of the ship abandoned it! carnival dropped me out of my wheelchair and we got nothing to compensate, a certificate for 10% off our next cruise. NO THANKS