Multiple new sources in the U.K. are reporting that a crewmember from the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship went overboard last night and is presumed dead.

Sky News reports that, according to the cruise line, a Filipino crewmember was captured on closed circuit television (CCTV) climbing over a railing and jumping from the cruise ship.  The luxury cruise ship, operated by Celebrity Cruises here in Miami, was eight miles north of Cherbourg, France, heading to Southampton when the incident happened.  The cruise ship alerted the French Coast Guard Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Ship Overboard - Missing Crewmemberand turned the vessel around in an attempt to rescue the crewmember.

The French Coast Guard stated "We deployed our resources to find him but it was to no avail and we can now presume that he is dead . . . The water was very cold and there is no hope for him."

We last reported on a Celebrity crew overboard just two months ago – Crew Member Goes Overboard from Celebrity Constellation Cruise Ship.

Unfortunately, overboards from cruise ships in the Royal Caribbean / Celebrity Cruises fleet appear to be a regular occurrence.  In March, we wrote an article about another crew member disappearing – Crew Member Missing from the Grandeur of the Seas – Why Are So Many People Disappearing From Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships?

Of course, missing crew members are not limited to Royal Caribbean cruise ships – Carnival Cruise Employee Goes Overboard – Does the U.S. Media Care When Foreign Crew Members Disappear at Sea?

There is no official database of passengers and crew who go overboard from cruise ships. The cruise lines say that this is something that they just don’t track.  Perhaps they should start studying the problem.  The best source for tracking cruise overboards is cruise expert Professor Ross Klein’s website which lists 160 overboards in the past ten years.

In this latest case, the news sources are indicating that the crew member was a Filipino, which probably means that he was a waiter.  The Filipinos on cruise ships work incredibly long hours and are away from their families for long periods of time.  At this point, it is unknown what led him to jump if this is what happened.

Does anyone have information about what happened?  Please leave a comment below.   


Photo credit:  Travel Weekly Blog  

  • Matt Derry

    The man was indeed a Philipino gentleman who worked in the kitchen. We were advised onboard that he was seen on cctv climbing the railing on deck 5 and jumping. We were advised by a staff member that he worked in the kitchen and was shortly due to go home. The ship sailed around and around with searchlights on and a lifeboat deployed to carry out a more detailed search -the search was not called off for several hours. It was a very unpleasant time for all passengers and especially crew who were visibly saddened by the incident. The incident had been preceeded by a helicopter evacuation of a seriously ill passenger which was unrelated but equally as unusual. I think the thoughts of all were squarely with his family and friends.

  • Mark Gristock

    This is very sad.

    However, you seem to be suggesting that this only happens, or is statistically far more likely to happen, on RC and Celebrity cruises. Do you have evidence to support this?

    If so, then the employment practices of these lines needs to be looked at.

    Going through the link you provided, it seems that the vast majority of listed cases are passengers.I do not see what any cruise line can do to stop passengers jumping overboard, if that is what they desire to do. Extensive psychological screening would be quite a barrier to purchase.

  • christine

    I was on this ship as a passenger and i find it VERY strange that these two very rare incidences happened within 30 minutes of each other! i beleive there is more to this than we know.

  • Boamfa Andrei

    i really don’t understand this people. I mean how crazy can you be to jump overboard from a such huge vessel? Why someone should do that? Even if you are in a port and you want to dissapear it’s crazy because life on ship can be difficult but in the same time you have a home and the conditions are extremly good for any crewmember or staff. You have access to anyrhing you want, your rights are respected, people listen to you and it’s a very well-payd and nice place to work. Why to lose all this for nothing? i worked with Celebrity Cruises and in my opinion any problem that you have on the ship can be solved with communication!!! And there is no reason why someone should do that. The sistem is made so everyone can be respected and have a good place to work! From my point of view the leaders of the company are doing everything possible to keep all the empoyees happy and healthy also! I saw that in the article says that in the past ten years were 160 casess but let do a simple math…on a vessel there are bethween 1000 and 3000 persons working for 6 months the they change with another ones, if you gather all the ships that means there are over 80000 persons working on cruise ships from Royal Carraibean Corp. 160 in a decade from 80000 it’s nothing. Those people can be considered irresponsables. Also they written that it was problably a waiter but filipiness person are in all of departments not only in F&B.