Celebrity Cruises Cruise Ship - Crew Member Overboard A reader of Cruise Law News informs us that a crew member from a Celebrity Cruises ship disappeared at sea. 

Indian crew member Anthony Rodrigues went overboard on March 10, 2011 from the Celebrity Constellation.  Mr. Rodrigues was a 19 year employee of the cruise line.  His family members in Mumbai were not notified for two days and were not given an explanation for him going overboard.

Unfortunately, overboards from cruise ships in the Royal Caribbean / Celebrity Cruises fleet appear to be a regular occurrence.  Two weeks ago, we wrote an article about another crew member from India disappearing – Crew Member Missing from the Grandeur of the Seas – Why Are So Many People Disappearing From Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships?

Of course, missing crew members are not limited to Royal Caribbean cruise ships.  Yesterday, we commented on a Carnival crew member who went overboard – Carnival Cruise Employee Goes Overboard – Does the U.S. Media Care When Foreign Crew Members Disappear at Sea?

There is no official database of passengers and crew who go overboard from cruise ships. The cruise lines say that this is something that they just don’t track.  Perhaps they should start studying the problem.  The best source for tracking cruise overboards is cruise expert Professor Ross Klein’s website which lists 155 overboards in the past ten years.  

If you have information about this incident, please leave a comment below.


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  • Sean

    Could it be possible these are the crew members who either deny assisting in the drug smuggling operations, or seen or heard something they were not supposed to, or were involved in some way shape or form and might have been a risk to the operations????

    The other theory is they some how got caught but were not arrested right away and they were delt with by the ship? Case of “I don’t want to go to jail, I’ll commit “assisted” suicide”!!!

  • G

    Sean, you have no idea about you’re talking about… Do you work on ships?

  • Ajay

    Dear sir,
    My best friend was working on the Cruise ship and he is also missing from ship. The cruise company is saying us that he jumps in the sea.
    Sir it is my request to you that please give us contact number and address of family of Mr Anthony Rodrigues.
    Company is not supporting us, they are not giving us proper information of this case. If anyone give me Anthony’s family details then we will talk to them about this case. Please help us . My friends family is in not in a good condition. Please help us. Please reply me on my Email ID.

  • .ajay

    Any one is there who know Anthony Rodrigues? If Yes please reply us.

  • Connie

    Does anyone keep a record of cruise staff members who get off at a port (Miami) and don’t return ??

    Larvan Garrick was from Jamacia he worked on a ship (no idea which one) came to Miami years ago after leaving the ship and never returning. He’s now in Jacksonville, FL hospital after having a stoke, were trying to find his family

    Connie 904-400-4727