The AP is reporting that a second person has died after arriving in Cozumel on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas cruise ship last Friday, February 4, 2011.  We previously reported on the death of Royal Caribbean crew member, Monika Markiewicz, whose body was recovered Saturday from the sea off of Cozumel and is believed to be the victim of foul play.

The AP reports that a 24-year-old American tourist died Monday in a Cancun hospital from internal bleeding "after ingesting a safety pin that punctured her organs."

Samantha Page (Paige) ThomasThe state prosecutor in Quintana Roo, where both Cancun and Cozumel are located, apparently released two different names for the woman neither of which were released by the AP.  The prosecutor also released information regarding the dead woman’s medical history and autopsy findings.  A patient apparently has no medical privacy rights in Mexico.

The passenger’s death is apparently completely unrelated to the death of crew member Ms. Markiewicz.

We have reported on six deaths of Royal Caribbean passengers and crew members in the last 10 days.

February 9, 2011 Update:  The Latin America Herald Tribune identifies the cruise passenger as Ms. Samantha Page Thomas (this article confuses the name of the cruise passenger and crew member).  A newspaper in Mexico also identifies the passenger and contains a strange explanation of events.  A press conference of the Mexican prosecutor is available on line.  Warning, the video contains graphic post mortem images of Ms. Paige as well as a photograph of Ms. Markiewicz  face down in the water when she was found.

  • MIdnight Revenge

    WOW, another one. Are the cruise lines going to pull out of Mexico. I hope we do personally. As much of a convenience it is to not have to purchase airfare and just get a quick getaway out of the port of LA is nice, but not to risk my life because I would not want to get off of the ship in those ports. Mexico is not that great unless you go really far south such as Acapulco area.

  • Romina

    Excuse me??? I think Mexico has many great things and places all over the country!! It is going through rough times fighting agianst drug traffic… but there are a few places that escape the violence, such as Cozumel Island, a paradisiac place. Maybe you should read some other articles before making such statements…

  • Romina:

    Yes, there are great things in Mexico no doubt. But the crime rate there ranks it with places like Columbia and Jamaica. There is drug related crime in Cozumel too; the problem is that Mexico promotes Cozumel as paradise, but it is not.

    I am aware of the Latin America Herald Tribune article, but is confuses the names of the crew member and the passenger.

  • Canexicana
  • It’s sad what happened with Samantha Paige Thomas. It came as a complete shock to me really. She told me she was going to marry me but this happened instead. Very sad.

  • Nancy

    She had no medical problems and her mother was told by the US Consolate she died of a heart attack

  • jaime

    I am a former crew member that started to go to Cozumel in 1986 and I have been there in vacations docens of times for scuba diving. I have visited most of Europe, north and south america and Hawaii. Currently I travel 3-4 times a year to Cozumel for business and also as my girlfriend lives there (a Chicago born american) that has her own business in Cozumle and lives there for the last 14 years.

    Let me state a FACT there are more drug and crime related deaths in any city in the USA a year than in Cozumel in the last 20 years. How do you feel about that?

    The media feeds off sensationalism and so it seems the author of this website. It is unfair to write off a destination and damage the livinghood of thousands of people for isolated incidents. Why don’t you show how many crime related deaths are in Hawaii for instance? let’s scare all tourist from visit Hawaii. Would that be fair for the hawaiian people?

    Jim walker says the mexican government promotes Cozumel as a paradise but it is not… really?? Maybe Florida is safer than Cozumel right? I live in the north Miami area, only in sunny south Florida there are more drug deaths, and crime related deaths in one single year than in Cozumel in the last 30 years. Why How about that? let’s warn tourist about that. fair?

  • Jeff

    We stopped in Cozumel on a RC Cruise a few yrs back and found it to be a beautiful and safe place. The snorkeling is second to none and the locals are friendly and pleasant. No worries about visiting here. We also visited Miami and Jamaica on the trip and no doubt these are much much more dangerous spots if you happen to lose your way.