Numerous news sources are reporting that the body of crew member from Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas was recovered from the ocean near Cozumel. 

Allure of the Sea - Cruise Ship - Crew DeathPolish national Ms. Monika Markiewicz, age 32, was employed by Royal Caribbean as a musician.  She disembarked from the Allure on Friday and did not return to the cruise ship.  The cruise ship then left Cozumel and sailed back to Miami.   

Her body was recovered on Saturday.   

An autopsy determined the cause of Ms. Markiewicz’s death was "drowning" but noted that she suffered a blow to the head.  According to the Canadian Press, Royal Caribbean spokesman Cynthia Martinez said the information the company had received indicated "she was the victim of a violent crime, and did not drown accidentally."  "Tragically, we recently became aware that the crew member was a victim of a violent crime while ashore in a remote area in Cozumel," the statement said.

Royal Caribbean has had many deaths in the last two months.  Last week, a crew member was killed and the safety officer injured during a fire drill aboard the Allure’s sister ship Oasis of the Seas.  A passenger’s husband filed suit over his wife’s death on the Brilliance of the Seas.  Three Monika Markiewicz - Cozumel Mexicoweeks ago, a passenger fell to his death from the Liberty of the Seas.  Two months ago a young cook was found dead on the Oasis of the Seas.  

This most recent death comes at a time when some cruise ships have pulled out of some of the ports in Mexico, citing concerns with crime.

Are you a crew member aboard the Allure?  If you have information about this incident, please leave a comment below. 

February 8, 2011 UpdateMexico, Cruise Ships & Crime Against Women

February 9, 2011 Update:  There are a number of articles which are confusing the names of the Royal Caribbean crew member, Ms. Markiewitz, with a cruise line passenger who also died in Mexico after leaving the cruise ship last Friday.  The Latin America Herald Tribune identifies the cruise passenger as Ms. Samantha Page Thomas.  This newspaper also indicates that Monika Markiewicz was also known as "Monica Warshal." 

February 10, 2011 Update:  A newspaper in Mexico also identifies the passenger and contains a strange explanation of events.  A press conference of the Mexican prosecutor is available on line.  Warning, the video contains graphic post mortem images of Ms. Thomas as well as a photograph of Ms. Markiewicz  face down in the water when she was found.  The prosecutor is quoted as saying that they were also reviewing the cruise ship’s surveillance camera imges to see who the crew member was seen leaving the ship with or whether she may have gone overboard. 

A Mexican man was arrested today in Ms. Markiewitcz’s death. Nelson Perez Torres, 24, who worked in a restuarant in Cozumel, reportedly confessed to hitting Monika Markiewicz in the head with a rock and then throwing her into the ocean.

Read our updated article:  Alleged Killer of Royal Caribbean Crew Member in Mexico Arrested – Family Maintains Son is Innocent


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  • Loki

    “There was confusion over the situation of a second person aboard the Allure of the Sea.

    The attorney general said Markiewicz left the ship with an unidentified companion who was located Sunday at a Cancun hospital. Alor said authorities were trying to determine what Markiewicz and the companion were doing when the Polish woman died.

    However, Martinez said the company had no knowledge of a second missing crew member or passenger.”

    How can that be when they check everyones I.D. going and coming? And how does RCCL know that she or the crime against her transpired in “a remote part of Cozumel”?

  • Jonhson

    Very bad,again and again, another and another and
    after all RCCL keep the business in good shape.

    Profits first people later, one more year over and
    who next to come?

  • Joseph Sylvester

    I was a crew member on board the allure of the seas. I had heard Monika play many times throughout various venues on the ship, she was extremely talented and this is a very sad tragedy. As of Feb 6th I am no longer employed with RCL due to their unethical business practices. I remember that specific day before disembarking they made 3 announcements for Monika, and left the port, how sad. I also remember mentioning that day to my girlfriend I did not like that particular port or the surrounding area.

  • Elizabeth

    Well, I worked onboard cruise ships for several years and also lived in Playa del Carmen (near Cozumel) and I must say that even though it is quite sad that there was a murder, Cozumel is not a dangerous place.

    One of the best things about Cozumel, Cancun and Playa del Carmen is that they want to make sure that those places are safe mainly because they are very important tourism places.

  • elsa

    We will mention facts that have not been investigated and apparently will stay in the air and many questions unanswered. We had to do the work of researchers …

    1. Why not investigated the other tourist found in Cancun?, How did it get there?, what are your criminal record, family history, what relationship she had with the Polish tourist found dead? It was known as a local newspaper was in financial difficulties and did a scam on the cruise with a false credit card. Why was identified as Monica Bern when her real name is Samantha Paige? Who is Monica Bern? We also learned that he was evicted. (We could easily think that is a person who did not care about nothing and had nothing to lose) Also when it appeared he had blood on their hands .. “who owned the blood? Were it not that U.S. friends and killed her and stole her belongings, which will almost certainly have insisted on the sale of Cancun. Already went to the ferry to ask for it? because if they appeared in Cancun had to buy ferry ticket. But that does not have the judicial investigation. It should be noted that both belonged to the same cruise and neither approached him the day he had to, for reasons still unknown. We want to know who produced the videos of cruise tourists because they owned the technology so that they have these boats should have cameras that give us clues on who these two people talking on the cruise. Who were related in the boat? But the court seemed easier to say they had no relationship.

    2. How a young socio-economic level such as the Polish, with employment on a cruise as important as a violinist, with studies going to look at a guy so simple in appearance that can not speak English, cycling and not it studies. We would like to know, how did this guy convince by means of signs to accompany him to the beach just to the time that she should be addressing your cruise? He left work at 5 pm, as usual, Where was the meeting place? Where did you leave your bike if it was walking with this young lady? According to the police when they arrived at the beach (which of course must be very tired of the feet because they were many miles walked), the forcibly tried to kiss her and she was left, as she may still decide to stay and not fleeing the scene. I think even less intelligent woman leaves the scene. Finally, how someone can kill another person hurt? is the most absurd thing we heard.

    How is it possible that these things happen here in the island of peace. Perhaps, this is the image we want to project to the world?. As you can benefit from humble working people of Cozumel. This young man is Mexican, as you and I, a worker, who has no criminal record, has no negative report on its work for misconduct. It is a humble young man, who lately has forgotten to smile. On his face we see only sadness and desolation. Cozumel friends can not turn away from this fellow Mexican as this would support the misdeeds of the police. NELSON PEREZ TORRES, kept in solitary, abused, frightened and deeply worried about their fate.