MSC Musica Engine Room FireCruise expert Ross Klein’s popular Cruise Junkie website is reporting, according to newspapers in Brazil, that a fire in the engine room of the  MSC Cruises’ Musica knocked out air conditioning and the water supply of the cruise ship.

The cruise ship had boarded at Rio de Janeiro and was supposed to leave at 18:00 for an eight-day trip with stopovers in the ports of Recife, Maceió and Salvador.  With no air conditioning and no water supply, passengers were angered.  Nevertheless, shortly after 18:30 the sound system announced the departure of the ship.  Disgusted, a group of about 50 people took to the gangway of the ship, preventing it to be hoisted.  The trip was then canceled. 

The ship is due to re-enter service on Dec. 26 from Rio for its scheduled week-long cruise to Salvador, Buzios, Copacabana and Ilha Grande.

The Musica was in the news earlier this year when a crew member was found dead, apparently killed by her boyfriend.


Photo credit:  Cruise Critic