The Observer in St. Kitts-Nevis is reporting that cruise passengers on a tour bus were robbed this morning, apparently during an excursion from a cruise ship  – "Busload of Tourists Robbed at Gunpoint." 

The robbery reportedly occurred in the Sandy Point area on the island.  A "local tour bus of cruise passengers had been robbed at gunpoint along the island’s main road as the bus made its way to Brimestone Hill."

St. Kitts - Cruise Tour Bus RobberyThe tour bus is identified as the "Caribbean Journey Masters tour bus," which was being driven by owner Urban Herbert at the time of the incident.  While the tour bus was heading towards a historic site, rocks and branches were strewn across the bus’ path.  Mr. Herbert exited the bus to investigate, and the robbers threw a rock into the windshield of the bus. Two armed, masked men rushed from the bushes and entered the bus.

The newspaper reported that seventeen (17) passengers including an infant were aboard the bus at the time of the robbery.  The cruise passengers were robbed of their money, cell phones, jewelry and other personal items.  The police  released a statement that no one was physically injured.

As is often the case, the police did not release the name of the cruise line or cruise ship.  Local police and tourism bureaus in the Caribbean are very sensitive to bad press and avoid embarrassing the cruise lines on which they rely for the U.S. tourist dollar.   

It turns out that the passengers were from the Celebrity Cruises’ Mercury cruise ship. 

The St. Kitts police / tourism people claim that crime like this is unheard of; however, another local newspaper SKNVibes reports in an article – "Tourists Robbed at Gunpoint Near Brimstone Hill" – that local taxi drivers state that this is nothing new and security needs to be improved, particularly when cruise ships arrive. 

I have written many articles about the high crime rates in many of the Caribbean islands frequented by cruise lines – Crime in Caribbean Ports of Call Against Cruise Passengers.  Consider the following articles in the last year alone: 

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Additional information: Tourism and Crime in the Caribbean  

December 3, 2010 Update:

"Visitors Warned About Safety in St. Kitts After Tourist Robbery"

  • Jim

    Me and my family were on the Carnival Miracle and wERE scheduled to arrive in St. Kitts the day after this mentioned robbery. We ended up in Atigua instead St. Kitts due to the safety concerns. I have been cruising for many years and have been all over the Caribbean. Without going into a lot of details, Antigua has to be one of the slummiest, most dangerous islands I have ever been to. We were mauled by prospective tour guides, once we said no thank you we were then followed by the guides blocking us from speaking to other drivers in an attempt to capture our business. Then we had one person tailing us and speaking to all the other drivers in the local language. We had to hide in a store and they waited for us and signaled for another person to go to the 2nd exit so we could not lose them. One of the scariest moments of my life not knowing why they were so content on finding out where we were going that day. I’m convinced that we were going to be a victim of some crime. We got the police involved and they gave us the “Don’t worry, your safe here speech”. Bottom line, I’m no stranger to being around big city crime but STAY AWAY FROM ANTIGUA. IT HAS BAD NEWS ALL OVER IT.

  • Jery

    Jery….November 21, 2010 3:30pm
    We were (my church group) on the Carnival Miracle and
    scheduled to arrive in St. Kitts on the day after
    the mentioned robbery. We ended up in Antigue and
    felt very safe. This was my second cruise on Carnival
    and we thoroughly enjoyed the cruise and the Island of
    Antigue. The beaches were beautiful and the tour guide
    (His name was Joseph)gave us the royal treatment. The
    prospective tour guides do come at you aggressively
    because they are all trying to make a buck while the ships are in port. Our guide took us to ‘Look out Pointe’, ‘Shirley Height’ and many other locations and small ships. I will cruise again and I will visit the Island of Antigue again.

    My heart goes out to the victims of the robbery and I
    hope the local police catch the robbers and prosecute
    them to the full extent of the law.