Canada’s National Post reports that a cruise ship has run aground in the Arctic. 

Clipper AdventurerThe newspaper reports that the Clipper Adventurer, operated by Adventure Canada and carrying around  200 passengers and crew, ran aground Friday evening  in "three meters of water." The location of the grounding is about 55 nautical miles from Coppermine, Nunavut, near the border with the Northwest Territories

But the cruise operator claims that the cruise ship ran aground on an "uncharted rock."  

Sounds like a PR statement to explain some bad navigational skills by whomever was at the helm.

Evacuation efforts are underway.  A Canadian Coast Guard ice breaker is en route to the scene to transport passengers to Coppermine where the ship was headed.  The cruise began in Greenland.

The newspaper indicates that there were no reports of injuries or environmental damage.  This again is probably a report from the cruise ship operators.  It will be interesting to hear what the passengers say happened when they get home.   

This is the second time in recent months that an incident like this occurred.  Earlier this year, we reported on an incident where the Clelia II ran into rocks in Antarctica – The Clelia II – Another Antarctic Cruise Ship Skirts Disaster

In 2009, the Ocean Nova cruise ship, ran aground. To see some amazing photographs of a similar cruise ship grounded, look at the website.  Ironically, the Clipper Adventurer came to Clipper Adventurer Cruise Ship Ran Aground the rescue of the passengers aboard the Ocean Nova.    

Cruise Junkie has a list of cruise ship groundings on its web site.

The tour operator’s PR statement is below:

"MV Clipper Adventurer, en-route from Port Epworth to Kugluktuk NU, was grounded on an uncharted rock at 67 58 N 1112 40 W. At the time the seas were calm, sunny conditions and good visibility with no wind or swell.

Efforts of the vessel’s crew to dislodge the vessel during high tide on August 28th were unsuccessful.

The vessel now rests with a slight list. Conditions are stabilized. All passengers and crew are safe and unharmed. Weather remains favourable as passengers continue to enjoy onboard programming and hospitality.

Canadian authorities have been notified and the Canadian Coast Guard Vessel Amundsen is en-route set to arrive 0900 August 29th to assist with disembarking passengers.

Flight arrangements have been made to ensure passengers return to Edmonton for the evening of August 29th."

Clipper Adventurer RescueUpdate August 29, 2010:

The Canadian Coast Guard has released a photograph of the grounded cruise ship (above right).   

The Edmonton Sun interviewed the owner of the tour company who was quoted saying: "we were simply following the chart that we had and right where there wasn’t any indication that there was something in the water, there was this large rock.”  

Hmmm . . .

The newspaper also reports that the company will fly the passengers home, but they won’t be receiving any type of refunds.  

Update August 30, 2010:

The  Nunatsiaq Online reports that more than 120 passengers and crew, taken off the Clipper Adventurer cruise ship by the Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker, the Amundsen, arrived in Kugluktuk after midnight on August 30th.  Photograph of rescued passenger is above left. 

September 4, 2010 Update:

It turns out that the hazard was charted 3 years ago!  Read "Uncharted Rocks" and Other Tall Tales – Clipper Adventurer Ran Into A Charted Hazard


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Top:    cruzeirospdl.blogspot

Middle:  Canadian Coast Guard (via CNN)

Bottom:  Jason Evans/Angut Pedersen (via Nunatsiaq Online)