St. Lucia News On Line reports that Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) dropped St. Lucia from its 2010-2012 schedule.

The article states that NCL abandoned St. Lucia because of attacks on cruise passengers which occurred on three occasions while the cruise passengers were sight-seeing on the island.

St. Lucia - Crime - Cruise ShipsIt’s about time.

Last December, we reported on out-of-control crime in St. Lucia, and the cruise line’s failure to warn passengers:

14 Cruise Passengers Robbed at Anse-La-Raye Waterfall in St. Lucia

Crime in Caribbean Ports of Call Against Cruise Passengers

Most U.S. passengers do not understand the high rate of crimes against Americans in Caribbean countries like St. Lucia, Jamaica, Antigua and the Bahamas.

Cruise lines face legal liability when they take passengers into dangerous locations and fail to warn them of crime, particularly during cruise sponsored excursions.

  • ricky

    Stlucia is a warm and friendly plae.However dont carry too much money do not wear too much jewellery.Murder against tourist is almost unheards of but rape against tourist is high so too is robbery .Becareful of beggars as would think that a place that realies so heavily on tourism would do something about the locals hassaling and begging tourists.Surprisingly other tourist localtions in the world have put a stop to it Turkey Spain for instance to mke money is well worth spent in these destinations.