Update on Alleged Sexual Assault of Child Aboard the Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship

This week we have been contacted by a number of readers who want to know the status of the criminal proceeding against a Carnival crewmember who is accused of sexually abusing a 14 year old girl aboard a Carnival cruise ship.

The incident occurred last month and you can read our initial account of the incident here.   

The crewmember involved is identified as Kert Clyde Jordan, age 35 from the country of Grenada, who worked as a waiter aboard the Carnival Liberty cruise ship.

According to the affidavit of the arresting FBI agent, the young girl was vacationing with family members aboard the Liberty cruise ship during a cruise from October 29th to November 5th of this year.  On the last night of the cruise at around 11:45 PM, crewmember Jordan encountered the girl, age 14, on the upper deck (Lido deck).  She told him that she was 14 years old.  At around 12:15 Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship - Sexual Abuse of MinorAM, Jordan led her a bathroom where he engaged in sexual acts with the child until around 2:00 AM.

The girl reported the incident to her mother the following day after the family returned home following the cruise.  Her mother took her to a hospital in her home state where she underwent medical treatment.  The local police were notified and, in turn, contacted the FBI here in South Florida on November 9, 2011.

On November 19, 2011, the FBI boarded the cruise ship and questioned Jordan, who waived his Miranda rights.  The FBI agent showed him a photograph of the girl, who he acknowledged seeing on the cruise and admitted that she advised him that she was 14 years old.  He also stated that he took photographs of the minor with his cell phone.

The FBI agent also stated that Jordan admitted to committing sexual acts with the girl.

Under federal law, sexual contact with a minor is a felony.  Here Jordan was charged with violating United States Code Section 2243(a)(1) which prohibits a sexual act with a child over the age of 12 but under the age of 16.   

If Jordan in fact waived his Miranda rights and admitted that he knew that the girl was only 14 years old, he will likely be convicted.  The maximum sentence for this type of crime is 15 years in prison. 

Jordan's arraignment was last week and a jury trial will be scheduled for later this year.  He remains in jail. 

Our prior article on this case drew a number of comments, including from people who claim to be family members or friends on the cruise ship.  Some of the comments question the veracity of the minor's claim because she reported the incident after the cruise.  Victims of sexual abuse often report the crime after the fact.  In this case the minor reported it the following day, which is not unusual at all.

There are some unusual comments to our article, including comments from someone who claims to have been a passenger who engaged in sex with Jordan on the same day as the incident involving the 14 year old girl.

We have no basis to verify these comments.  But if true, they raise the issue whether this crewmember engaged in sexual activities with women and underage girls in public bathrooms on the ship during prior cruises.


Photo credit:  wikipedia (Captain-Tucker)

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His Brother..... - December 17, 2011 8:34 PM

You people are behaving like judge and jury ..We have to realize that none of us were there, and we should refrain from posting such harmful comments on the internet. Don't you think it is unfair not having the facts....Question....what if he did ? question ...! What if it's all a lie, a plan to make so easy money..... What if ? Another thing ...you media people are so unfair.....look at the subtle things you guys are saying,everything you say set every readers mind in a negative slant towards my brother....am asking that you stop cuz today or tomorrow if or when he is proven innocent am sure you won't bother to take back your comments, but by then his character would have already been destroyed .... eg...... ''There are some unusual comments to our article, including comments from someone who claims to have been a passenger who engaged in sex with Jordan on the same day as the incident involving the 14 year old girl.
We have no basis to verify these comments. But if true, they raise the issue whether this crewmember engaged in sexual activities with women and underage girls in public bathrooms on the ship during prior cruises''......The only reality we should accept is this...''their are two parties involved and we don't have the facts''Let it be handled in a fair manner for both parties and then when the results come out if guilty what's said MAY be deserved. But for now it's not fair to my brother....And that girl who said she had a time with my brother...what kind of WOMAN would steal the love off a man from another WOMAN and be so heartless about it knowing that she's home alone with his kids.....you people are ridiculous, try something else something the world is yet to see.

maddog..another brother - February 3, 2012 2:53 PM

I have known clyde for more than 15yrs,and This story does sound a bit fishy.'She had dealings with him on two consecutive days and believes she was raped'Give me a break!! How do you figure this out.Sounds like a classic case of being 'what can we get from this'.If they did get involved then they are wrong but dont paint the guy out to be a monster.She must have given some sort of conscent if it did happen.

Careful mom - March 12, 2012 5:53 AM

I am concerned by the remarks of the previous two posters and sincerely hope they are not employed by Carnival or any cruise line. A 35 year old man is admitting to having relations with a 14 year old child. What he pled guilty to is a crime regardless if the child is 4 or 14. Blaming the child for child abuse especially as the crew member has admitted his guilt is absurd. He deserves to go to prison for as many years as they will lock him up for. The argument that a child can can give informed consent to sex with an adult is ignorant.

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