In 2013, Jim appeared in the following television shows, newspapers and radio programs:

CNN Opinion’s “What Cruise Lines Don’t Want You to Know”

AP’s “No Central Agency Oversees, Inspects Cruise Ships”

WGN Radio (Chicago)

Miami Herald

Newsday’s “Carnival Triumph: First Lawsuit Filed in Cruise Ship Fiasco”

Wall Street Journal Law Blog’s “Why Suing Carnival Could be a Waste


American Bar Journal’s “Cruise Ship Fires Occur with ‘Alarming Frequency,’ Maritime Lawyer Says”

Forbes’ “Ship Isn’t The Only Thing That Stinks At Carnival: Low Tax Rate Stirs Ire”

WWL Radio (New Orleans) “Cruise Ship Safety”

CNN Travel’s “Lawsuit Filed Over ‘Floating Hell’ Cruise” (Video)

U.K’s Daily Mail, ABC News’ 20/20 “Troubled Waters” (Video)

CNBC’s Squawk on the Street’s “Carnival & Legal Obligations” (Video)

CTV’s “Will Compensation Keep Cruise Ship Lawsuits at Bay?

Business Insider’s “Passengers On Stranded Cruise Ship Are Camping On Deck And Waiting In Line For Food”

Times of Malta’s “International Lawyer Praises Malta on Cruise Liner Tragedy”

Bloomberg’s “Carnival Ship Fire Strands 3,100 Guests Off Mexican Coast”

Sun Sentinel’s “Carnival Cruise Nightmare: Why Evacuation is not an Option”

America Public Media’s “Worst Cruise Ever: Can I Sue?”

Yahoo Finance’s “Cruise Ship Fire Highlights Past Incidents.”

Rush Limbaugh’s “Media Targets Evil Carnival Cruise Company”

Insurance JournalTravel Blackboard,Local 10 News (Miami)

Business Insider’s “Good Luck Finding Out If The Cruise Ship You’re Traveling On Is Safe”

South Florida Business Journal”s “New Twists in Boozing and Ocean Cruising,” ABC’s 20/20 “Troubled Waters” (Video)

U.K. Daily Mail

Times of Malta’s International Lawyer Praises Malta on Cruise Liner Tragedy”

Business Journalism’s “Cruise Ship Saga: Business Story Angles and Resources”

ABC News’ “Death of Cruise Ship Singer Jackie Kastrinelis Remains a Mystery”

KRPC TV (Houston) “Local 2 Investigates Carnival Cruise Fires” (Video)

U.K. Daily Mail’s “First Passenger Sues Cruise Line Over ‘Horrifying’ Conditions on Stricken Carnival Vessel”

WOR 710 Radio (New York), Thomson Reuters’ Triumph Passengers Bring Class Action Against Carnival”

Seattle Times’ Cruise Lawsuits Are In, But Carnival Has Advantage”

Travel Weekly’s “Triumph Suits Add to CCL’s Woes”

Newsweek’s “Carnival Cruise from Hell”

Daily Business Review: “Justice Watch: Triumph Passengers Face a Sea of Issues”

Travel agent Central’s “Update on Carnival Triumph – Lawsuits Filed, One First-Timer Weighs In”

CBS Peter Greenberg “Why It’s Hard for Passengers to Sue Post-Carnival Triumph”

Local 10 (Miami) “3 Carnival Cruise Line fires since Nov. 2010” (video)

Travel agent Central’s Can Victims of Costa Concordia Sue in the U.S.?

Daily Business Review’s and National Law Journal’s “Federal Judge Sends Concordia Lawsuits back to Miami-Dade”

CruiseMates’ “Cruise Ship System Failures”

Quaratz’s “One of the Secrets to Carnival Cruise’s Unsinkable Business Model: Free Coast Guard Rescues”

Philadelphia Inquiry’s “Pregnant?You May not be Able to Cruise”

South Florida Business Journal’s “Carnival Shares Drop with Reputation Under Assault”

CBS Baltimore’s “FBI Investigating Suspicious Death On Cruise Ship That Set Sail From Baltimore”

International Business Times’ “Cruise Ship Death: FBI Probes Suspicious Death Aboard Royal Caribbean Baltimore Cruise”

“MSN News’ “Cruise Ship Death Spotlights Murky Waters of Fatalities at Sea”

Cruising Done Right’s “Maritime Lawyer Raises Questions”

NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams’ “Carnival CEO Comes Under Congressional Heat” – Watch NBC Video here

South Florida Business Review’s April Fool’s Day: Carnival Will incorporate in the United States

NBC’s “Would Your Cruise Have Fewer Problems if Americans Ran It”

E-Travel Blackboard’s US law firm spends $3 million to charter cruise ship”

NBC’s “Family Seeks More Answers in Disappearance of Man From Cruise Ship”

Huffington’s Post’s “Paul Rossington, Missing Carnival Cruise Passenger, May Have Been Trying To Rescue Girlfriend Kristen Schroder”

Seattle Times’ Taking a Hard Look at Cruise-Ship Problems:

CNN’s “FBI to Review Honeymooner’s 2005 Cruise Ship Death”

Boston Herald’s “Murder, Crime Warnings in Nassau”

The Economic Times’ “How Normal are Cruise Ship Mishaps Like Fires and Power Failures?”

eTravel Blackboard (Australia)’s “Cruise Lawyer Says Bridge Being Unaware of Man Overboard Situations Should Not Happen”

The Slant’s “Carnival is Taking on Water But Don’t Abandon Ship”

KGW News Station (Oregon) Salem Cruise Passenger Missing and Presumed Drowned

U.K. Mirror’s What can cruise passengers expect from their own Bill of Rights?

Sun Sentinel’s CLIA, “Cruise Operators Adopt Passenger Bill of Rights”

Travel Weekly’s “Cruise Lines Adopt First ‘Bill of Rights’ for Clients at Sea”

eTravel Blackboard’s US Cruise Lawyer: “Cruise Ship Fires: When is Enough, Enough?

K-Talk Utah Radio (NBC) Malcolm Alvin’s Malcolm Out Loud Show

eTravel Blackboard’s “US Judge Changes Mind About Legal Jurisdiction”

Anderson Cooper AC 360 Keeping Them Honest – “Who’s Keeping Cruise Passengers Safe?”

HuffPost Music Canada’s “Sean Richard Bell, Manitoba Cruise Ship Musician, Arrested On Child Pornography Charges”

Florida Today’s “Cruise Ship Crime Stats Aren’t Smooth Sailing”

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USA Today Watchdogs Urge Better Reporting of Cruise Ship Crime

Chicago Tribune’s Can You Trust the Cruise Lines’ New Passenger ‘Bill of Rights?

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Trusted Luxury Cruises’ “Silversea Cruises: Silver Shadow Failed Inspection”

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CNN’s “Luxury Cruise Fails Surprise Health Inspection”

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NBC News’ “Luxury Cruise Line Vows Changes After Ship Fails CDC Inspection”

KOAA’s “More Problems for Cruise Ships”

NBC News’ “Lawmakers Turn Attention to Crime on Cruise Ships”

NBC 6’s “Major Cruise Lines Begin Posting Crime Stats”

Miami Herald’s “Report, Punish Crimes in Cruises:”

Washington Post’s “Will a New Law Force Cruise Lines to Better Report Onboard Crime?”

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Coach Class – Travel for Real People’s “Cruise Passenger Bill of Putative Rights”

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Wall Street Journal’s “Reputation, Regulatory Issues Dog Cruise Industry”

Noticias 25 Internacionales’ “Uno de los cruceros más lujosos del mundo no pasó la inspección sanitaria”

About Cruise Ship’s “Disney Line Sexual Assault”

Lloyd’s List “MLC: Cruiseship Employees Work Ever Longer Shifts”

Associated Press/ CBS “Carnival Cruise Lines Says 6-Year-Old Boy Drowned in Pool at Sea”

CNN’s New Day Reports: “Costa Captain Says Not My Fault’

Travel Agent Central “Dawn Princess Hit by Electrical Fire, Guests Called to Muster Stations’

Huffington Post “Woman Overboard On Grand Princess Cruise Feared Dead’

Miami Herald “Overboard Cases on Cruise Lines Often Under-Reported to Public”

Wikipedia – “Carnival Cruise Lines’

WPTV-NBC “Law Requires Man Overboard Systems on Cruise Ships to Detect a Passenger Falling Overboard”

Cay Compass “Critics Urge Caution on Cruise Port Deal” “P&O Ferries: Install CCTV Cameras on Passenger Decks”

Tampa Bay Business Journal “Raising the Sunshine Skyway Could Open the Bay for Giant Cruise Ships”

This is Kent “A Mum is Forever”

Global Travel Industry News “Royal Caribbean Cruise: Passenger overboard – Coast Guard Taking Over”

Daily Mail “Coast Guard Searches for Passenger Who Jumped Overboard Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas’

Lund University “Cruise Ship Passengers and Their Rights’

Vice “Cruising for a Bruising’

Cruise Week Who Will Keep CNN Honest?

ETB Travel News US lawsuit filed against Royal Caribbean after injury to child