Today, I watched a TicTok video posted by Crystalmerier3 who recently went on a four day vacation cruise from Galveston, Texas to ports in Mexico with her seven-year old daughter. During the cruise, they went together to a movie on the Lido Deck to watch Spiderman when mom went for about one minute to get a drink for her child.

When she returned, her daughter was upset and crying. Another passenger, a man, approached her daughter in the dark and attempted to entice her to leave with him, saying “you need to come with me.” He claimed that he had lost his cell phone and needed help finding it.

She immediately reported the incident to Carnival’s security but was rebuffed as you can see in the video. She posted the video as a warning to parents to watch their children at all times.

We have posted many articles about Carnival Cruise Line’s significant sexual assault rate which is higher on a per capita basis than twenty-seven of the fifty states in the U.S. One-third of sexual assaults on cruise ships are committed against children.

Crystalmercier3 posted a follow up video on TikTok to address “parent shaming” in response to her video. It seems that some people were quick to cast criticisms for Crystal leaving her daughter for just a minute without addressing the issue that the cruise line security was clearly indifferent to the problem.

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Image credit: Crystalmercier; Carnival Breeze Cruisemapper