Another out-of-control brawl recently broke out on a Carnival Cruise Line ship. The Miami Herald reported on the large fracus which took place on the Carnival Sunrise on September 9th. Included in the article, titled A massive fight broke out on a Carnival cruise ship. Cellphone cameras caught it all, was video featured on Twitter.

The Miami Herald explained that “footage of the nasty bust-up . . . involved a handful of people punching and beating on each other . . . ” The “handful” of people were estimated to be around thirty. The fight occured between the pool and one of the ship’s many bars.

The Daily Mail in the UK covered the cruise ship skirmish and included a TicTok video which showed the begining of the fight. The Sun newspaper included a video with a portion of the violent fight.

Fights on Carnival cruise ships are hardly rare, as we have repeatedly reported. The last time a hoard of people began beating each other took place just last June on the Carnival Magic. Sixty 60 passengers were involved in an “all-out brawl” around 5:20 a.m. when the Carnival cruise ship was returning to port in New York following an eight day cruise to the Caribbean. As usual, no one was arrested or prosecuted although numerous cell phones caught many dozens of cruise guests in the melee.

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We first wrote about the problem of violence on Carnival owned cruise ships back in 2009 in Cruise Ship Brawls – A Problem that Will Get Bigger with Bigger Ships, where we covered a “mini-rampage” on the P&O cruise ship Ventura and a brawl involving passengers who punched, scratched and bit it out with police in Antigua. The following year, we covered another violent brawl on another Carnival ship in More Carnival Legend BrawlCruise Ship Violence – A Drunken Brawl On Carnival’s Dream. We also wrote about this problem in Another Brawl Breaks Out on a Carnival Fun ShipYouTube is filled with videotapes of violence on Carnival ships.

The problem arises when the “wider audience” (a term coined by Carnival chairmen Micky Arison) finds their way onto cruise ships attracted by low prices. Add too much alcohol, and too few well-trained security guards on these budget ships, and this is what happens. Carnival security guards are often seen kicking or hitting the guests or trying to keep onlookers from videotaping the raucous conduct.

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Image credit: Videos/screenshot – respective YouTube/Twitter users.