Yesterday, I received word from the Jewel of the Seas, upon its return from its latest cruise back to its curremt home port of Amsterdam, that forty-six (46) guests of the 1,750 passengers tested positive for COVID-19. The Royal Caribbean cruise ship still had sixteen (16) senior oficer who were in quarantine (which we discussed in our post titled Senior Officers on Jewel of the Seas Test Positive for COVID-19), who were expected to be released from isolation.

Previously, the ship’s officers expressed their concern that there was an increasing trend of positive COVID-19 cases on the ship, and reminding the crew that they were required to wear mask on the ship.

As with other posts regarding this cruise ship, a Royal Caribbean crew member who wishes to remain anonymous provided this information to the firm.

Other guests contacted me regarding this cruise, including one passengers who said:

“I was on the Jewel sailing May 27-June 8 and many passengers and crew contracted Covid. We had 3 cabin stewards for our cabin alone as the first two tested positive. Many people in our Facebook group contracted it as well.”

Unfortunately, cruise lines like Royal Caribbean refuse to disclose the actual number of infected guest and crew members on the ship.

The Jewel of the Seas began its latest cruise yesterday with 1,500 guests. We will keep you informed how many people on this latest cruise become infected.

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Image credit: Jewel of the SeasCruiseMapper.