After additional testing on the Jewel of the Seas, there are now one-hundred and nine (109) COVID-19 cases involving crew members on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship which is continuing on its cruise to the Caribbean. Six guests are also infected with the virus. Earlier this week, we reported that thee were fifty-one (51) crew cases which increased to eighty (80) crew cases by yesterday afternoon and now over one-hundred cases!

We have reported on COVID-19 cases on this ship since its was sailing last summer from Cyprus. This is by far the most virus cases we have seen on this particular ship.

The Jewel is one of several Royal Caribbean cases which has experienced a significant number of COVID-19 cases involving crew members. The Symphony of the Seas experienced forty-eight (48) positive crew members; the Odyssey of the Seas had fifty-two (52), which later increased to sixty-nine (69); and Harmony of the Seas over one-hundred (100) crew members infected (thee diferent guests videotaped and observed crew members transferring from the Harmony to the Vision of the Seas (the company is using as a floating hotel / hospital who arrived at slightly different totals of 107, 108 and 110 crew members).

The information from the Jewel comes from a reliable and knowledgeable crew member who we have known for years who wishes to remain anonymous. We are also in touch with a number of guests who state that these cruise line is not being forthcoming with information about the number of infected on the ship. One guest informed us:

‘Still no updates from the ship. The captain’S last message was wonderful weather, and a small history on Haiti. Dining room had a long wait for food at lunch. Server said there were very few people to cook today. Housekeeping is down to nothing. There was 1 cart in the floors I walked this morning. A guest is telling everyone that a member of her party … tested positive and can not be moved to deck 3 or deck 4 (quarantine cabins)  because they are full. She said neither she nor the people in her cabin have not been contacted to test.”

It appears from the information coming from the ship that portions of decks three and four are resreved for quarantining COVID-19 positive passengers and crew. We have received continuing comments that the service is obviously sub-par on the ship with an insufficient number of waiters, cabin attendants and cleaners missing form their jobs.

Yesterday, we reported that there were 80 quarantined crew members on the ship. This number has increased all week long to the current total of 109.


At this time, the ship is continuing on with it plan to offload the infected crew members to the Vision of the Seas between now and Sunday (January 9th) when the ship is scheduled to return to Miami.

It is difficult to see how this cruise ship can continue oerating where so many crew operations are lacking a sufficient number of healthy employees and some of the Cariibean ports are refusing infected ships to dock.

As we have mentioned in prior posts, Royal Caribbean is using the Vision (along with the Rhapsody OTS) as a floating quarantine / hospital for infected crew members.  You can read our thought about this practice in our article titled Vision of the Seas and Rhapsody of the Seas: Royal Caribbean’s “Plague Ships.”

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January 7, 2022 Afternoon Upfate: The captain announced that the Jewel of the Seas will suspend operations for the rest of this month, We are currently unaware of the exact cruises which are being cancelled.

Further January 7, 2022 Update: Royal Caribbean announced the following:

As a result of the ongoing COVID-related circumstances around the world, and in abundance of caution, we have made the tough decision to pause operations on the following ships:

  • Jewel of the Seas sailings from Jan. 9 – Feb. 12, returning on Feb. 20, 2022;
  • Serenade of the Seas sailings from Jan. 8 – March 5, resuming service after her dry dock on April 26, 2022;
  • Symphony of the Seas sailings from Jan. 8 – Jan. 22, returning on Jan. 29, 2022;
  • Vision of the Seas return to cruising is postponed until March 7, 2022.

Image credit: Top – anonymous guest on the Jewel of the Seas; middle – respective Twitter users.