Three people, including  an unvaccinated crew member, tested positive for coranavirus this weekend aboard the American Constellation cruise ship during a 10-night cruise from Juneau, Alaska which left July 4, 2021. The other people infected included two vaccinated passengers.

The cruise ship in question, operated by American Cruise Lines, is a relatively small vessel which at the time carried 162 passengers and 52 crew members, according to USA TodayThe newspaper stated that American Cruise Lines canceled its next Alaska cruise scheduled for July 14, 2021 as a result.

The cruise line’s website states:

“American Cruise Lines strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccine for all eligible guests. Vaccines may become required in specific instances when necessitated by the ports or states visited, and all guests will be asked to certify their vaccination status. Unvaccinated guests will be subject to additional testing and quarantine requirements that may affect their ability to travel or participate in the cruise.”

The company also requires COVID-19 vaccines on 2021 cruises visiting the State of Alaska. USA Today reports that “most of the ship’s crew members are vaccinated,” but there is no explanation why this particular crew members was unvaccinated.

Since cruising was shut down in March of 2020, there have been at least 246 cases of COVID-19 on cruise ships, including three cases involving passengers on the MSC Grandiosa which we reported yesterday. There additionally are an undisclosed number of crew members on the Queen Elizabeth who tested positive last week.

To date, Cunard has refused to state the total number of crew members who tested positive. Cunard suspended cruises which were scheduled to begin on July 19, 2021.

You can read a summary of the total number of positive COVID cases since March 2020 herehere, and here.

As cruise lines continue to resume cruise operations, there will be routine reports like this in the future.

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Image credits: Top – American ConstellationAmerican Cruise Lines; middle – American Constellation – American Cruise Lines via USA Today.