Last week, Royal Caribbean applied for two new trademarks, “America’s Cruise Line” and “America’s Favorite Cruise Line.”

The news was first reported by @trademarktrader on Twitter, who reported on March 31st that Royal Caribbean first applied for “America’s Cruise Line:”

On April 1st, the site reported that Royal Caribbean applied for a second traemark, “America’s Favority Cruise Line:”

The previous week, Carnival Cruise Line’s president, Christine Duffy, announced via a YouTube video that Carnival was America’s cruise line. She stated that Carnival is a favorite of those who drive their families to any one of the fourteen U.S. ports where Carnival home-ports most of its ships

A reader commented: “America’s cruise line? A foreign-flagged, foreign-crewed, foreign corporation that avoids US taxes.” Of course, Carnival Cruise Line is a Panamanian corporation which registers its cruise ships in either Panama or the Bahamas in order to avoid not only U.S. taxes, but U.S. wage and labor laws, U.S. occupational health and safety laws, and U.S. environmental laws.

The Royal Caribbean cruise fan blog, Royal Caribbean Blog, also  announced that Royal Caribbean recently filed for the “America’s Cruise Line” trademark.

Royal Caribbean, of course, is also a non-U.S. corporation, which was incorporated in Liberia to avoid all U.S. income taxes and U.S. wage and labor laws. It takes a certain chutzpah to claim that you’re America’s cruise line, much less its favorite cruise line, when Royal Caribbean has done everything possible to isolate itself from U.S. taxes, U.S. labor laws, and U.S. occupational health and safety laws.

Royal Caribbean is also one of the first U.S. based cruise lines (Celebrity, Crystal and Windstar are the others) to begin to use home ports outside of the U.S. in order to dodge the guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Royal Caribbean will be using Nassau as the home port for the Adventure of the Seas starting in June. Royal Caribbean registers all of its Royal Caribbean brand ships in the Bahamas given the Bahamas’s lax labor laws and its indifference to the wide-spread pollution from U.S. based cruise ships in Bahamian waters. The Bahamas is a country which did absolutely nothing after Carnival ships were caught illegally dumping 500,000 gallons of sewage and plastics and food waste in Bahamian waters.

The Bahamas is home for Royal Caribbeann’s Coco Cay private resort which touts the largest water-park in the Caribbean, including the tallest waterslide in North America. Given the fact that Bahamas is the flag state for the cruise line’s fleet of ships and is now the home port for cruises that would otherwise sail from a U.S. port, it may be more accurate to say that Royal Caribbean is now the Bahamas’ favorite cruise line.

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Image credit: “Perfect Day at Coco Cay” – Royal Caribbean Cruises.