Several news outlets in Italy report that a young Italian officer working on an AIDA cruise ship has not been accounted for after his family reported him missing. ShipMag reports that Alessio Gaspari, age 25, was employed by AIDA Cruises as a third deck mate serving on an AIDA ship. His family reported him missing after he failed to return home.

ALtv ( states that an unidentified AIDA cruise ship, was positioned in the harbor of a northern port of Skagen in Denmark, when he did not return home, apparently at the end of his contract. His whereabouts since January 21st have not been determined. The news portal reports that certain of the officer’s personal effects (“cigarettes, lighter, cell phone, keys, and clothes”) were found on the deck of the cruise ship. The ship reportedly conducted sea searches which were not successful.

Officer Gaspari’s Linkin page shows that he has worked for a total of four and one-half years, first as a deck cadet for two years and as a third officer for the last two and one-half years.

According to cruise expert Dr. Ross Klein, there have been at least 361 crew members and passengers who have gone overboard in the last twenty years.

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Photo credit: Linkedin