Today, Saturday September 19th, Hurtigruten confirmed that a guest on board the MS Finnmarken tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Norwegian newspaper VG.

The person in question who was tested is associated with the group which Hurtigruten chartered the expedition cruise ship to. The cruise ship is being used as a hotel in connection with the filming of the new “Mission Impossible” movie.

The person who tested positive reportedly has had no symptoms so far. He will be tested again today.  The results of the repeat test is expected later tonight or tomorrow.  On the advice of health authorities, the infected person in question is currently  isolated ashore.

The cruise ship is at the dock in Åndalsnes in Rauma.

Hurtigruten is the cruise line where a total of 71 people were infected with COVID-19 on the MS Roald Amundsen (right) this summer. 29 passengers and 42 employees were confirmed positive with COVID-19 by the Norwegian National Institute of Public Health according to the Norwegian Press. An investigation determined that Hurtigruten permitted crew members to begin work on the ship without being tested when they should have been under quarantine.

Earlier in the summer, a guest and his wife aboard a second Hurtigruten cruise ship, the MS Fridtjof Nansen, also contracted the virus. The cruise ship permitted the couple to return home where the husband later died.

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Photo credit: MS FinnmarkenVG; MS Roald Amundsen – Hurtigruten.