A crew member on the Vasco da Gamma cruise ship was seriously injured after falling from deck 12 of the ship. He landed on a cargo container located on the pier below while the ship was moored at the Port of Tilbury. Ambulances and a helicopter arrived on the pier in response to the medical emergency. Several medical personnel administered aid to the crew member. The medical teams took the injured crew member into an ambulance which left the scene, according to several crew members who wish to remain anonymous.

A video of the response shows a dozen personnel responding to the emergency. We are not posting the video, although we are showing only images which are not close-ups of the scene.

The crew member reportedly is an Indonesian who worked in the provisions department.

The incident was  confirmed by the owner / operator of the ship, Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV), and the Port of Tilbury which stated:

“We confirm that there was an incident in the Port of Tilbury yesterday involving one of the seafarers on board a cruise vessel currently berthed at the port. The person remains in hospital and our thoughts are with their family and colleagues at this time.”

A local newspaper, the Thurrock Nub News, commented today that the crew member is being treated at a hospital in London for his injuries. “The full circumstances of the incident are yet to be established.”

The newspaper reported that there are currently 486 crew members on board Vasco da Gama at Tilbury. The ship has been docked there since May 1 after returning from repatriating passengers to Australia. The ship is one of a number of CMV vessels laid up at the port because of the coronavirus pandemic. The majority of the crew members on board the ships are foreign nationals and the cruise operators are looking at ways to repatriot them for the duration of the pandemic lockdown, according to the newspaper.

CMV claims that the “crew onboard CMV ships in the UK are cared for by CMV with comprehensive medical, catering, entertainment, complimentary internet and wellbeing provision on board.”

Crew members state privately that they are unpaid and frustrated. There reportedly is a great deal of stress on the ship due to the long period that the crew has stayed on the ship away from their loved ones and without receiving wages during the pandemic.

The Crew Center site reports that the crew member died from the fall but we have not received confirmation of this.

One ship employee confirmed that the Indonesian crew member, employed as a hotel storekeeper (provision team), is still alive and in the hospital.

We have reported that five cruise ship employees  have unexpectedly died this month.

A Filipino galley employee on the AIDAblu died two days ago. Last week, a Chinese crew member hired as an assistant waiter on the Mariner of the Seas  was found dead by his colleagues.  On that same day, a Ukranian waiter from the Regal Princess jumped overboard while the ship was in Rotterdam. The day before, an assistant shore excursion manager died on the Carnival Breeze which was sailing to the U.K. from Bahamian waters. Sixteen days ago we reported that a Polish electrician on the Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas jumped overboard south of Greece.

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Photo credit: Anonymous crew members; bottom – Nub News.