Numerous news sources are reporting that the Carnival Fantasy failed a recent sanitation inspection (on July 17, 2019) by the United States Public Health. The USPH gave the ship a score of just 77.

This is the lowest sanitation score in the nearly thirty year history of this particular Carnival ship. The Carnival Fantasy failed its first sanitation inspection in March of 1990 with a score of 78.

Dirty Water

The USPH inspectors found what is described as “brown water” which ran from the showers in the ship’s medical facility. The inspectors did not come to a determination of the cause of the water. It left it to Carnival to investigate the cause of the problem and whether the problems exists in other showers on the ship.

The USPH report indicated that there were numerous problems with potable water disinfection and improper chlorine levels for the recreational water facilities on the cruise ship.

Soiled Containers, Trays, Cups, Bowls & Silverware and Flies, Flies and More Flies

“At least 15 flies” were observed on bagels and bread in the Lido salad bar.

The sanitation report indicates that multiple serving station lacked sneeze guards and/or were improperly cleaned. Inspectors found numerous soiled containers, trays, cups, bowls, food slicers, and silverware.

Deficiencies were noted in food preparation, storage and handling as well as food equipment cleaning. Carnival galley employees failed to properly clean and sanitize food equipment and utensils, increasing the potential of  creating “severe foodborne illness and death” of guests.

Dirty Swimming Pool and Whirlpools Filled With Kids?

Other sanitation violations concerned the ship’s main swimming pool, including a “visible film on top of the water” of the main pool, as well as “excessive visible debris floating in the water.”

The ship lacked cautions against use by children (“children” are defined as  under 16 years of age for the purpose of whirlpool safety sign requirements). Inspectors noted a minor in the whirlpool who had been present prior to the inspector’s arrival. A crew member told the minor to leave but while the inspector was in the area, two more minors walked through the area. “Crew explained that children were not allowed in the whirlpools, but that they were able to walk through the area. There was no crew member constantly stationed in the area at the time of inspection.”

A post on Twitter by a cruise passenger, who was apparently on a prior cruise, showed around 16 minors jammed into a hot tub, suggesting that Carnival routinely permits minors into the ship’s whirlpools.

Failure to Comply With Gastroenteritis Protocols

An ill crew member with symptoms of acute gastroenteritis (AGE) went to work early one morning (at 5:00 a.m.) until 2:30 p.m. without reporting to the ship infirmary. There were also multiple failures of the medical staff to document and/or interview crew members who were in close contact with crew members suffering from AGE

A Record Low Score for the Fantasy – Have the Deficiencies Really Been Totally Corrected?

The score of 77 was the lowest sanitation score in the nearly 30 year history of this Carnival cruise ship. You can read the report at this link. It tied the score of the Carnival Breeze. The lowest score of any Carnival cruise ship is just 71 involving the Carnival Legend in 2006.

Although Carnival claims (below) that it rectified all of the sanitation short comings, the CDC website indicates that Carnival has not submitted a “Corrective Action Report” following the inspection which occurred over three weeks ago.

The Fantasy Joins Carnival’s Hall of Shame of Dirty Ships

In the last few years, there have been five Carnival ships which failed USPH sanitation inspections.  The Carnival Liberty received a score of 80 last year. Three other Carnival ships failed inspection in a period of just two months, including the Carnival Breeze (77 ), Carnival Triumph (78) and the spectacular failure of the Carnival Vista (79) where crew members were caught hiding food and galley equipment in crew members’ quarters from USPH inspectors.

Carnival Cruise Line has a reputation as providing affordable “fun ships” for the masses. But, in truth, it is also a recalcitrant criminal cruise line that has a history of violating the few U.S. laws which apply to foreign-flagged cruise ships. In the three years, it was been fined $60,000,000 for violating environmental laws, conspiracy, and lying to the U.S. Coast Guard regarding the widespread discharge of oil, plastics, and garbage from its fleet of cruise ships.

It should come as no surprise to see the Carnival Fantasy joining the growing number of Carnival cruise ships caught skirting USPH sanitation standards.

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Image Credit: Carnival Fantasy – Ron Cogswell Wikipedia / Creative Cmmons CC-by-2.0.