Several passengers aboard the Royal Princess cruise ship have informed Cruise Law News that a passenger fell from an upper deck and struck a lifeboat last night.

One passenger, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated:

“A women on royal princess princess cruise line was pushed or fell from the lido 15th or 16th deck onto the top of  life boat #2 at 4 am in the morning. She died instantly. Once the ship arrived into Aruba, authorities boarded the ship. Outcome of investigation is unknown. Passengers said the scene was gruesome.”

Passenger were first alerted to the incident when they heard an announcement around 4:30 a.m. for the security team to respond to deck 7 underneath lifeboat number 2. When the cruise ship arrived at port in Aruba, the captain made an announcement that the crime scene investigators were coming on board and no one would be allowed to get off until they cleared the ship.

Mas Noticia refers to the incident as a “possible murder.”

Last July (of 2017), the FBI arrested the husband of a  a 39-year-old woman who was murdered aboard the Emerald Princess operated by Princess Cruises in Alaska. Earlier this year, the boyfriend of a 50 year-old woman was arrested for murder aboard the Carnival Elation after he threw her off their balcony to a lifeboat below. Last month a passenger was arrested after he tried to throw his partner off of the Radiance of the Seas in Australia.

Is a cruise ship a perfect place to commit a crime?

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Update: reports that a “muscular” man was struggling/fighting with the woman, and suddenly began choking her. After that, he reportedly pushed her over the railing. She fell on lifeboat #2, destroying the windows on the lifeboat as well. The authorities in Aruba will perform an autopsy, to determine whether the man killed her first (by choking her) or she died because of the fall.

November 15, 2018 Update: Local 10 News (Miami): “FBI investigating after woman dies aboard cruise ship en route to Aruba.” Finally, the U.S. press cover this disturbing, apparent rime.

November 16, 2018 Update: Numerous newspapers are now reporting on the apparent murder, including the U.K.’s Mail Online (photo above right).

Photo credit: Barry Skeates – via Flickr, CC BY 2.0, commons / wikimedia.

  • Paulette Brown

    Well I use to think,I would like to,go on a cruise,,but seems they are as bad as airplanes. So guess we will stick to places we can drive to.

    • Sandi Hughes Hankins

      you’ll be fine on a ship as long as you don’t travel with someone that wants you dead.

    • Cheryl Nespor

      Consider how many die on planes & ships compared to cars, buses, trucks, etc. I’ll take planes & cruises any old day!

  • Lisa 51

    Jeese, they’re dying like flies while cruising. Pretty sad. .

    • Cheryl Nespor

      They’re dying everywhere….NOT only cruise ships.

  • Jerry Adams

    If you can’t get along why go on a cruise?? Bad enough you took a life/someone else’s life!! But you ruined other people’s vacation that they worked so hard to have. Just senseless!!!!

  • Kevin

    I was on that cruise. That picture above is not even the correct side of the ship. It did not directly effect any of the other passengers, in fact, people were trying to FIND OUT what happened

  • Cheryl Nespor

    I’m still on the ship and this tragedy happened around noon not 2-3 AM yesterday. That was when the loudspeaker call “ALPHA, ALPHA, ALPHA” went out.