A passenger has been reported overboard from the Princess Sun cruise ship today, according to 9News in Australia. The passenger is an Australian man in his 80’s.

In a statement, Princess Cruises stated that the passenger intentionally went overboard.

The Princess Sun departed from Fremantle, Australia six days ago, and was half way through a 12-day cruise. The overboard occurred when the cruise ship was approximately 100 nautical miles southeast of Singapore.

Passengers reportedly state that the captain of the ship made an announcement of the passenger’s disappearance and turned the ship around to conduct search and rescue operations. It reportedly took an hour to return to the spot where the man went overboard. Another newspaper in Australian reports that that the captain told passengers that CCTV footage confirmed the man went overboard. Indonesian search and rescue authorities released the cruise ship after her crew had searched until dark for the missing man.

A passenger posted a photograph of a rescue boat that had been deployed to search for the overboard passenger.

According to cruise expert Professor Ross Klein, 311 people have gone overboard from cruise ships in the last 18 years.

This incident is similar to a situation three and a half years ago when an 84-year-old went overboard from the Sun Princess while it was sailing from New Zealand to Sydney, in November of 2014.

The last overboard from the Princess Sun occurred around a year ago when a passenger went overboard from the Princess cruise ship. This occurred in February of 2017. There was no explanation how the woman went overboard. The good news is that she was rescued after approximately 45 minutes in the water.

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Photo credit: @michaelrperth on Twitter via 9NEWS.

  • Dianne Torres

    What is it about this ship that has caused 3 people to fall overboard? I have been on two other Princess ships and there was no way that I could see for someone to unintentionally fall overboard.
    It sounds like this needs to be investigated by an objective red party.

  • leslie

    Sounds like suicide to me. You would have to use a chair to get over the wooden railing as it is quite high.

  • Jonesy

    What a totally unfair burden to the Cruise lines with this suicide nonsense. The expense to the ships and the horror to the passengers.

  • Patricia

    Was he intoxicated or was it suicide? Did they rescue him? What happened?

  • hoova

    80yo falling overboard,i dont think so,a person has to propel themselves over the rail,you CANNOT simply fall overboard.

  • Ana

    I am only going to assume he wanted to do it. Many factors an 80 year old maybe had enough of life, maybe he was ill or depression and decided to go this way. Sometimes seniors are abandoned by family and they are no longer important to them. I would not doubt this was his intention when he took this cruise. Idk but I am sure many seniors out there feel and many are neglected.

  • Sandy

    I just returned from my first cruise and I just don’t see it happening acccidently. What comes to mind is personal negligence and/or insurance fraud.

  • tinikini

    How come everyone always assumes that it is suicide??? How do you know that someone didn’t rob/kill this man and then throw him overboard??????? I have been on several cruises and while I agree you just can’t fall overboard, it doesn’t stop someone from throwing you overboard. My mother and I left a ship casino at about 3 in the morning and we went out on the deck to get some fresh air. There was no one out and about and someone could have robbed/killed us and thrown us overboard and no one would have ever known. I, for one, would like to know just how and why these 311 people have gone missing or have been ejected off of a cruise ship, be it self inflicted, freak accident or disposal of a body when a crime has been committed!!! Man overboard systems and live manned coverage of security cameras will be the only way to get the real answer, and we all know that the cruise lines have the money to make that happen and make cruisers safer.