Deepak GadA newspaper in India has identified the crew member who disappeared from the Carnival Glory on March 18. 2018 as Deepak Gad.

The Herald newspaper in Goa stated that Mr. Gad (photo left) was a young seamen from Velim, India who went missing from the Carnival cruise ship last Sunday as the ship was heading to Amber Cove, in the Dominican Republic.

We reported on the cruise employee’s disappearance after passengers informed us that the ship made constant announcements for a galley worker to report to work after the Carnival Glory arrived in the Dominican Republic.

The crew member apparently was depressed and wanted to leave the ship. But Carnival reportedly told him that if he wanted to return home he had to buy his own ticket to travel, which the crew member could not afford after working for only three months on the ship.

The ship has not officially stated that the crew member went overboard, and Carnival refuses to respond to our request for information which we made several days ago.

According to the Herald:

“Deepak had called a night before he went missing and complained of a back pain and was on treatment on board. It is also learnt that he wanted to come home but his company told him that he has to buy his own airline ticket which he could not afford as he was only three months in his first contract. He was very depressed and disturbed according to his brother who the GSAI (Goa Seamen Association of India) met on Wednesday. The Indian consulate in New York is also monitoring the situation as well as the NRI Department Government of Goa.

This is second incident in less than a year from the same cruise line wherein Mr. Symron Almeida from Cuncolim went missing last year and the body has still not been found. “It is a matter of concern as many seafarers are going missing lately due to work load and harassment on board. Our Government needs to be more serious in handling such cases as most of the time the families cannot get justice,” says Dixon Vaz, spokesperson for GSAI.”

Four months ago, another Indian crew members working on a Carnival ship disappeared at sea. The crew member was later identified as Symron Santana Almeida, age 33, a resident of Cuncolim, India. He was employed as a wiper in the engine room of the Carnival Inspiration.

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Photo credit: Vijay Prabhu.

  • Jel Jebaraj

    First the government and the company should keep an eye on the cruise companies specially the ship which are under carnival group i.e Carnival Cruise,Costa etc.The Management level people dont follow any company rule related to the employees,too much mental pressure and stress are been given.The wages which are been paid are also less as compared to the work pressure.The Government should check regarding dis issues on behalf of the crew members.

  • Wilson demello

    It has been noted and the requirement from the consulate of USA that the hiring company promised to pay for the return ticket if the crew member don’t want to continue work on a cruise ship the hiring partner is paid commission only when the crewmen’s works for more than 6 months the hidden fact is that crewmen’s pay a large amount of money to the agents to get a job on ships

  • Parul bhatt

    All company have same things. Crew members should get weekly off and proper working hours. Companies are making them work overtime and telling them to fill ILO according to contracted working hours.

  • umesh pawaskar

    plz try to search him as soon as possible n email me a as soon as possible waiting for ur reply

  • rio

    im also working in cruise ship until now its better for us to give day off even once a week.same like in cargo ship every sunday they have off.8months on board every day working its not good especially you have a superior that treat you as not a human.

  • Paige

    So every employee of the ship is MADE to work 7 days a week until their contract with the ship is completed?
    This is what we called Slavery and it was abolished in 1863. Wtf

  • Linda Brind

    NOT EVERY employee on a ship is made to work 7 days a week. It all depends on the job they’re employed to do.
    I was a Hairdresser on M.V. Queen Victoria, I contracted Swine Flu. I was told that I was fit to work by a nasty bullying South African ‘Doctor’ whom it turns out was not a Dr at all !!!
    It was only when I warned him that I would report him to the ILO that him conceaded to sign me off.

  • Jesus Lim

    Carnival cruise line helped a lot of crewmembers from a different country. Every rules and regulations are good and effective. However, even in the time of God there’s always a Judas who made the life of some crewmembers miserable someway, some are using their position to give promotion to others in exchange of sex. Some supervisor are giving hard time to crewmembers (male or female) and when they felt tired and hopeless the last resort for them is to approach supervisor and everything goes. Some supervisor are acting they own the ship to the extent that they don’t realize that TM are human who needs rest and eat in correct time, instead they shouted at them and extend their time without paying them the over time. Some TM are coming to duty an hour before (fun time) clock in and they need to clock out on time even though they’re still working and it still exist everyday, which is against the rules and regulation of the company and supervisors are tolerating them and took advantage without paying them overtime and the Company is blind or unaware. Most of the HR in the company are from inside before they reach the position, they know for a fact what is going on the ship and they close their eyes as well. Everything that happened in the ship should be favorable to company as recorded. Being a seafarer is a very hard professional regardless of the position, be far away from your love ones is a big struggle in life, however they choose to live with it to give comfortable life for the family, bring them in a good school, to sustain the needs of the family, and to live their life in an average way. One thing I can say, if they don’t know some things they should be teach and sort it out to make it easier for them. We are just human and we commit mistake but we also deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. There is a Doctor in the ship but TM is not treated well and they don’t care as they will tell you to come back or let you wait the whole day behind door.