Carnival Fantasy Loose RailingA follower of my blog sent me a video of a loose deck railing taken by a passenger yesterday on the Carnival Fantasy which is currently sailing from Mobile, Alabama to Cozumel, Mexico.

The video (bottom) was posted to Facebook and shows the passenger pointng out a railing with heavily rusted brackets (video image left). The video has a caption saying:

Carnival Cruise broken rail! Beware and look before you lean!!!! 12/17/17

Please share so people will look!

The narration includes the following:

So we are on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. . . I lean on the rail  . . . just came out of the food court . . . lean on the rail and find out that the rail was broken  . . it moved about this far (pointing) when I lean on it . . . scared me, I thought I was going overboard but thank God . . . this side  is still holding, this side is broke off  . . . you guys be wary with your kids . . . when you are on Carnival Cruise Lines, or any cruise line really, just check the rails . . . that could have been serious . . . wooh!  

I have not been on this cruise ship, but I believe that the passenger is referring to deck 8 (Atlantic Deck).

We recently posted an article about a spy camera & transmitter installed in a passenger cabin on this ship. So, the point is that you can’t take anything for granted when you cruise, including even whether the rails are maintained in good shape or they are so rusted to the point of being dangerous.

The passenger is a retired Air Force sergeant who lives in Alabama.  So, thank you for your service, and thank you for pointing out this hazard!

The Good Samaritan passenger indicated on his Facebook page that he was going to alert the crew of the dangerous condition of the railing and would provide an update . . . .

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Video credit: Facebook


  • William

    I have been on several cruise with carnival , but have never had an negative experience. I am however glad that people like you do post things like this to help us all to be careful and watch out for ourselves and little kids. I hope that carnival would be a just and fair company and compensate you in some form for that horrific incident that could have cost you or someone else their lives. Your awareness and responsibility most likely saved someone and saved them from a law suit. I would check back with them.

  • James Smith

    I hope you pointed this out to ship personnel they should have seen it. Have ever I believe it’s also cruisers to point out unsafe problems too for everyone’s safety. It’s like our cars we drive them and we may check them regularly how ever we take it into a mechanic and he finds something wrong or unsafe. To me this was something they could fix while at sea or at least while in port I’m sure they have a welder and steal in maintenance. I’ve been on several cruises and have felt safe all of them getting ready to go on another one in February. Will be looking out for unsafe conditions.