A man from Tennessee was "stunned" when a company calling itself "Royal Seas Cruises" initially refused to refund his cruise to the Bahamas after his wife unexpectedly died. 

A news station in Knoxville reports that Bob Mackay and his wife Bonnie had paid for a cruise but his wife died shortly before they could go on the trip. 

As WATE explains, Bob was devasted when Bonnie died on June 26th. He called Royal Seas a few days after the funeral, asking for a refund of their cruise.  

“They told me that they would not cancel it. That I could sell it. Or if I found another girlfriend, I could use it and take her,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. I really don’t want to go on a cruise without my wife . . . ”

Bob requested to speak to the service representative’s supervisor who reportedly "had no interest in giving me a refund whatsoever,” notwithstanding Royal Seas’ claim that its "customer service is second to none."

But after an "on your side" reporter contacted Royal Seas, the cruise line quickly agreed to issue a full refund.

Free Cruise Scam?

Royal Sea Cruises is actually not a cruise line but a vacation marketing company which sells cruises on the Grand Celebration which many passengers have complained is part of a "free cruise" scam.

The Better Business Bureau rates Royal Seas Cruise a "D-." It writes that its files contain "a pattern of complaints from consumers that allege they were contacted by Royal Seas Cruises informing them they won a ‘free’ cruise; however when they tried to redeem the free cruise they were informed of undisclosed fees and the requirement of attending a time share presentation. Consumers informed BBB they cancelled the cruise and requested a refund but they did not receive a refund from Royal Seas Cruises. Some consumers allege receiving unwanted phone calls from Royal Seas Cruises and requested to be removed from the company’s call list but they still continue to receive calls." 

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  • Dave

    I always wonder why people do not buy insurance specifically designed to cover “loss in the family” in attempt to save $10-20 or do not pay with credit card that includes that perk, but after “unexpected” happen – they complain?

  • tony fernandes

    Another young life lost while in the care of liberty of the sea.i believe he died of heart failure due to attack, 4 critical hours wasted on-board ship in inadequate medical facilities,i wonder would same fate for a passenger.golden rule of doctor “if can’t resuscitate or save life get professional help”why they didn’t call air ambulance? Clearly doctor have lot to explain.clearly medical negligence.why staff are treated differently to passengers. RIP bro

  • Bianca Mack

    I’m having a issue receiving my money back from them now me and my husband paid the cruise off last month and now they are adding on all these extra fees which was not told to us in the beginning so we want our money back and they are basically refusing! What do I do to get my refund?