Princess Island PrincessA fire reportedly broke out yesterday aboard the Island Princess as it sailed in Alaska.

A Cruise Critic member posted information on the popular message board that the fire occurred due to leaking oil in the engine room, after the passengers on the cruise ship viewed the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park.

The passenger commented:

This morning about 7:30 there was an emergency announcement for a fire in the deck 4 engine room. We were having breakfast in the Horizons buffet area. About 5 minutes later, the general emergency alarm was sounded and all crew were called to their emergency stations. They remained for about 30 minutes before being released. We were advised that the fire was struck pretty quickly and that we were in no danger. We continued a fantastic day in Glacier Bay NP.

Shortly after dropping the rangers, inspectors from coast guard boarded the ship as we sat still in the water. They were onboard for about 1 and a half hours and now we are continuing in.

The captain has done a great job keeping us informed of the situation. He advised the fire was due to a leaking oil pipe in the engine room. We have no indication that the itinerary will be altered in any way.

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Photo credit: CC0 wikipedia.

  • AG

    This cruise line is a joke.

    Just came back from a horrific cruise. I decided to try Princess Cruises and man….NEVER AGAIN. YUCK there was actually OIL in the coffee cups and because of this uncleanliness everyone got sick! I made a video haha tell me what you think

    10 Reasons to Avoid Princess Cruises (Princess Cruise Line Review after horrible experience – warning to all!)

  • tinikini

    You got me with the hair!!!! OMG!!! I hate hair!!!! Thanks for the info. You both did a great job. Thanks for approving their post, their comments and video, Jim.

  • Teresa B. Schaefer

    Glad everyone is ok and there was no serious damage (such that would render the ship un-sailable). Beautiful picture. We will be in Glacier Bay in 10 days. I hope we have such beautiful weather.Happy to hear everything turned out ok! Your photo shows why May is our favorite time to “do” Alaska!