Bomb Scare Caribbean PrincessThis morning, a person aboard the Caribbean Princess notified me that there is a bomb scare aboard the cruise ship, which is at the Grand Bahama shipyard. The worker stated:

“I am currently on board the Caribbean Princess in the Grand Bahama Shipyard where today a bomb threat was called in to the shipyard. The ship performed a complete check and at 10 am the captain gave the abandon ship order. The ship has been evacuated and all contractors and crew were mustered outside the shipyard. We are awaiting further instructions.

Have a good day because my day and thousands others are having a bad day.

We were mustered away from the shipyard and were told no pictures.”

The Caribbean Princess is in dry dock for general maintenance. Many thousands of contractors and crew members are now re-locating to Port Lucaya.

The worker also stated:

“Of course the Bahamian taxis are making a fortune off off this event. It’s funny to see crew members in uniform strolling around . . .

I can report that very few police were present and one ambulance. No bomb squad or dogs were visible.

A lot of work has now been delayed due to this and a lot of frustration is in the air . . . ”

The Carnival Pride and Carnival Ecstasy are in port in Freeport today, as well as the Anna Maersk which is at the container port across from the shipyard.  There is no indication whether these ships were the subject of this bomb threat.

The question which immediately comes to my mind is whether the Bahamian police are competent to handle the response to a major security threat like this?

There have been bomb threats against cruise ships in the past, and they are usually determined to be pranks. A drunken Carnival passenger who made a bomb threat on the Carnival Sensation was arrested several years ago after a cruise to the Bahamas which was later determined to be a hoax. The Discovery cruise ship received a bogus bomb threat as the ship was en route to Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale after sailing to the Bahamas. A bomb was reportedly planted on the Liberty of the Seas several years ago as well, although nothing was found by law enforcement officers. A bomb scare forced the evacuation of the cruise terminal at the port of Miami.  Passengers and crew members had to flee a ferry in Marseilles, France last year after a bomb scare.

April 1, 2017 Update: The popular Crew-Center website has additional information and photographs and video of crew members and contrators leaving the ship, congregating at the shipyard and leaving the shipyard.

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Image credit: Marine Traffic

  • George Bosworth

    I have a co-worker on the Carnival Pride right now. Will see what I can find as ASAP.

  • Kremena Yordanova

    My boyfriend is on the ship. I hear him when the captain told that they have to evacuate the ship. I don’t know what happen then. Pls everybody who knows something about to write here.

  • Hannah

    Hi Kremena. My partner is onboard also. He’s contacted me twice today and is absolutely fine, they are safe ashore at the moment as far as I know.

  • Chloe

    Does anyone have any updates I’m very worried about people onboard

  • T Goldsmith

    The comment on whether the Bahamian police are competent to handle threats such as this is somewhat offensive to me as an ex Brit now a Bahamian citizen. Was Paris Police competent and able to cope with their Terrorist problem? Same goes for the London, UK several years ago when bombs went off in buses and the underground , Italy, Germany, Sweden, Boston, and 9/11 etc etc etc. The local Worker came out of the gate and saw Police minutes after the alert…did anyone call the Police, were they on their way, was the Bahamian special branch MI6 informed, was the Ministry of Security informed etc etc etc. Were there any Plain Clothes Poilice there…He would not know! what about the Ship yards security procedures and its personell in place or do they actually have HIGHLY TRAINED Security competent to handle such situations? I think not! One of my family is security there and he was turned away at the gate when he arrived there. Was he not one of the Security personell trained to Lock Down the areas…He was Turned away!!!! PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES. We are a small country with just over 300,000 people…what did he expect…the bloody US Marines to appear out of thin air? Give me a break..PLEASE!

  • Jena

    My husband is also a contractor on this ship and the last I heard this morning is everything is fine and they are getting ready to board the ship again.

  • Doctor Who

    Same happen on NCL Jade few days before Carribian Princess. I was there.

  • Tom Harding

    The Bahamas has been know to have terrorist ties to Islam under the Perry Christie PLP government. The corrupt Prime Minister would sell his mother’s soul for a buck, the Bahamian people are just about to vote this thieving crook out of office, he’s a well known friend to the communist Chinese party.

  • Kremena Yordanova

    Do you know are they already back on the ship. Where there are being at night?