Carnival Victory OverboardMultiple news sources are reporting this morning that a Carnival cruise passenger went overboard last night / early this morning around 33 miles west / northwest of Cuba as the cruise ship was heading toward Cozumel.

A guest aboard the Carnival cruise ship told a newspaper in Texas that the ship’s PA system announced “man overboard” around 3 a.m. today. The young man reportedly went overboard from deck eight.

“The ship made a 180 degree turn and a life jacket was thrown in the vicinity of where the man was thought to be. The life jacket was found floating several hours later . . .  The witness said the ship has been somber and quiet since the announcement.”

The cruise ship reportedly departed from Miami on Monday.

There have been 289 people overboard since 2000, according to cruise expert Dr. Ross Klein.

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  • Jean williams

    Im very sadden by what happened to this young man, and hope that he will be found, however i do want to mention that this is a very hard time for everyone, our vacation has been cut short, some people used their savings for this cruise and carnival has not done anything to help us out. They have offered us 20 percent off the our next cruise we take. We only completely 25 percent of our cruise, most people spent way over 1600, kids are very disappointed,and having nightmares. We all paid for the experience in got no memories in return. Everyone on thie cruise plans on signing a petition so we can see some type of results. My condolences to the Paul family!

  • Jenifer Montgomery

    Condolences to the family for their loss. I was also on this cruise, and while I agree it is both tragic for the Paul family and a great loss of vacation for everyone aboard, this isn’t Carnival’s fault. The reimbursement for the lost vacation is the responsibility of Mr. Paul’s estate. His choice to climb to a dangerous position and cause a situation that destroyed his life and ruined thousands of vacations was HIS doing. Breaking the rules was HIS doing. Any “gofundme” or other assets of Mr. Paul should be used to repay Carnival and the passengers.

  • Heidi

    Please contact me if anyone is willing to get together to get something done. My son saved for 2 years for this trip. I understand how tragic this event and we can all question who is accountable. I just know my son saved his money for 2 years and maybe carnival should not over serve there passengers. I have personally cruised twice and have witnessed fur myself extremely drunk passengers being served alcohol by carnival. Heidi Gaulke 3154396944

  • JULIE Johnstone

    My heart goes out to the family of the young man but I have to agree with the previous the comments and I would like to add that we were drifting around all day and evening on Wednesday with minimal entertainment since we were supposed to be in Cosumel. The staff made no effort to put on additional entertainment for all the guests stuck on the ship. Plus Carnival must have made a killing in $$$ by the guests having no choice but to spend money on the ship. A once in a lifetime trip for our 3 international exchange students was a nightmare a massive disappointment for them. Oh and that lousy 20% discount on a future cruise? Not going to happen for these poor boys as they go home end of May and heading off to college so they will not have time to come back and take a cruise before January next year. Bitterly disappointed in this cruise and for a lot of other reasons too.

  • Robert and Michelle Lewis

    My condolences to the Paul family. My wife and I are very disappointed with our cruise. This was our first cruise and first anniversary and our plans were all based around the cozumel port. Carnival offered this cruise as 2 ports Key West and Cozumel not one port and day spent going in circles. My wife is a school bus driver and she save up her money to surprise me for our anniversary and she did a great job doing so. Now this 20% off our next cruise is total Bull! We’ve used our vacation for the year and who said we wanted our next cruise to be with Carnival! More can and should be done for the passengers.Carnival is the only one gaining anything from this cruise. They made tons of money in the bars, shops and casino because we all had to stay aboard.

  • Mini

    My condolences to the Paul’s family for their loss. My heart is broken by this horrific event. I have them in my prayers. I was also on this cruise with my family celebrating our birthdays. At 3am we heard the horrific announcement of “Man overboard, Man overboard”!!!! twice, woken by that I quickly went to the 10th floor deck to see what was going on. I found this poor lady shaken and crying by the event saying that she was at her room when she heard a load noise and she thought that the boat hit something then immediately after that a person hysterically screaming “Richard,Richard” Her and her husband ran to help but they couldn’t find a phone or a alarm to pull in the hallways or deck. She was very upset because she couldn’t do anything to stop the boat.The boat stopped after 15 to 20 minutes after,leaving the victim miles behind on a pitch black ocean .She believed if they had security personal around the late hours or alarms to pull in a emergency situation this probably could of been prevented and I also believe the same!!! If Carnival is serving liquor they should have more personal watching over the guests. This is a tragic memory and a loss of vacation for everyone aboard. The offer a 20% discount on a future cruise which is very poor poor on their part. I understand that this is not completely their fault but Carnival is not doing much to help those families who saved a year or two for a cruise vacation and didn’t make it to our final destination cutting the trip short and keeping us 3 days on the ocean like prisoners. This was our worse vacation ever!!! My children and I can’t sleep thinking of this horrific event and this was suppose to be a memorial vacation. 🙁 I did my research and did you know that Carnival has the most overboard deaths then any other ship??? and what are they doing to stop this??? nothing!!! All they did was a whole bunch of $$$ from us since we couldn’t shop anywhere else to shop. So sad 🙁

  • Dusti McCarthy

    I and my husband David were on this cruise it was supposed to be our Honeymoon. For over a year we both looked so forward to spending our Honeymoon in Cozumel. This is an unfortunate circumstance that our cruise to Cozumel Mexico was cancelled.It broke my heart, after a year of planning and waiting to come to an end like this, it’s very disheartening. I 100% agree with the comments posted above. Although, I am also finding it hard to feel any sympathy for Mr. Paul as it was said by servial passengers that had claimed to have witnessed Mr Paul being totally intoxicated earlier that afternoon hours before his unfortunate accident. CARNIVAL VICTORY had several drunken collage students walking around on all the decks drunk and drink in hand, some of their ages very questionable. CARNIVAL calls itself a Family Cruise Line? Yeah right!I saw more private body parts out in plain sight than a Playboy magazine has in it, just from the swimwear attire these collage students walking around on the ship were wearing. One mom that was walking behind me was literally shielding her 5 yr old son’s eye’s from a bare bottomed girl sunning herself. I didn’t pay for a Collage Spring Break party and I do not find Public Intoxication Cool, Funny, Cute, or Exceptable. CARNIVAL had no “control” over the alcohol consumption nor behavior displayed while on the ship. On the upper deck I had seen where someone who had obviously had too much to drink, leaned over the back of the ship and vomited down the slope of the ship. It wreaked of sour alcohol and vomit. It was extremely GROSS!After witnessing all this, no I cannot feel sympathy for Mr Paul. However, when we got home we called Carnival Cruise Lines and they were extremely rude, refused to allow us to speak to any “higher up management ” basically telling my husband and I “20% discount on your next Carnival Cruise, you can take it or leave it.” I paid for a cruise to Cozumel Mexico for our Honeymoon,I work in the medical field, I cannot get a substantial amount of time off again like I did for my honeymoon, I also can never get my honeymoon back. I to spent over $1500 to take this cruise. The only memory of my honeymoon will be of the circles in the middle of the Gluf of Mexico instead of we did for 17 hours looking for someone who made a poor decision and suffered the consequences of it. It was extremely unfortunate, but Carnival did nothing to help the inconvenience this caused the other passengers aboard the ship. Someone please let me know where, when, and how I can sign any petition Against Carnival Cruise Lines because 20% is nowhere near satisfactory for my honeymoon that was ruined as a result of over intoxicated people.

  • Mini

    I found this… You can start a petition here

  • cj

    Sorry for your honeymoon, anniversary, all the time it took to save the money for this trip and all the little ones that are disappointed they had to cut this trip short. BUT, you can do it again and this young man cannot have another chance to live a great life. All of you haters should be ashamed of yourself. My heart hurts that you all only care for what you are going through and not this tragic incident. Shame on all of you for your statements. May you never have to experience such a tragic insident in your family and experience the sick and selfish people that have written on this message board.

  • Dusti McCarthy

    Look CJ. I’m not on here to debate, argue, judge, or name call anyone. Everyone is different, has different opinions, emotions,and views. Just because someone doesn’t see things the way you might or feel the same way “you” do about something or have the same views/Morales that “you” do does not exactly mean their “haters” or being “selfish”. We “all” had something lost from this unfortunate situation. I “do” feel for the family (My bad for not stating that in my first statement) I however cannot pitty this person due to the the factors that led up to his unfortunate situation. However, again, I’m not on here to fight, argue, or debate. We all are entitled to be upset though because of what this unfortunate situation caused for us all. And for God sake I do hope for some miracle that they “do” recover Mr Paul, for his family’s sake and closure. What I’m more upset over how Carnival is choosing to handle their customers than the unfortunate accident that was the cause of the Cancelled Cozumel trip. Sorry your taking these comments so personally but if they are upsetting you so much might I suggest that you stay off social media sites or need boards because from what I’ve seen and read there’s a lot more angry people that was aboard the same ship we were. Just sayin,is all.

  • Shannon Turner

    I agree with most comments on here. We too were on the carnival victory during this tragic event. My family and i prayed very hard for this young man to be rescue or found to no avail. i agree as young people we make mistakes and learn from them and this young man payed with his life. We as a group of passenger do not blame carnival for having to stop and search for this young man because we would be much happier find and rescuing him than having to deal with his death. my kids have also had nightmares about this. long story short, carnival didn’t fulfill its obligation and 20% isn’t good enough. Also, if you were on the ship, then you remember that at 3am approx. man overboard, but what you you also heard is around 3:30 approx. they called for a stretcher to the back of the ship. remember that. i was told that his buddy jumped into the water also to try to save him. this young man was pulled from the water. anyways at least it wasn’t 2 lives lost. i still am praying and remembering brandon paul and his family today.

  • Gladis

    I am agree with everyone’s. Our condolences for Paul’s family. I am very disappointed with Carnival’s decision, Everyone’s have our own sties that help us to our dream vacation. I brought my Dad from Honduras to give him and my mom this beautiful gift. We were my husband, my kids, my parents and me, 6 in total. We expend a lot of money to get circles in the Gulf. Please Carnival respond for this trip. No next do you think we will have the money to go one more time. Additionally in your line they has horrible respond. I would like add that we paid for two rooms and when I get to my dad’s room he was crying because he was not understanding what was happening, He speaks Spanish only. Please respond Carnival Cruise Line

  • Tamara

    I am very sad for what occur on the ship. However, canceling the port to Cozumel Mexico was beyond disappointing. I don’t blame Carnival for stopping the ship and looking for the body, but these 20% on a next future cruise is clearly not acceptable! As many of the people this vacation was ruined and I definitely do not want to travel with Carnival ever again! I been on other Cruise ships which have been much better than this one.
    I called customer service and seems like they are staying with the 20%, because they have already established this among all the passengers, they mentioned that the same amount of compensation has to be for each passenger and can not distribute different amount of compensation.
    We should at least get a 50%!

  • Wow

    You people that are complaining about wanting your money back are self-entitled and truly inconsiderate! Let me ask a question…If the Cozumel port had been cancelled due to weather, would you want a refund as well? Who would you want the money back from, Mother Nature?

  • Stacy

    The comments on this page are unbelievable. A young man’s life was lost and you are worried about missing the dream vacation you had imagined in your mind. Carnival does not owe you a dime. Be happy with your 20% discount on a future cruise. If you are going to invest money into a cruise and demand money back if it doesn’t go exactly as planned I suggest you spend a little extra and purchase travel insurance so that you can be compensated.

  • Seriously

    Stacy/CJ/Wow, First and foremost my heart and condolences go out to family and friends of Mr. Paul. Question to you three–who made the decision to drink that much alcohol? Who made the decision to stand on a chair on stateroom balcony to go to the bathroom when a functioning bathroom is 30 feet away inside a stateroom where there is zero chance to lose your balance (being drunk and on a ship traveling in the middle of the Gulf) and fall overboard? Who was the ONE person who ruined a cruise for 2,750 other passengers who spent their hard earned money? Exactly, the only true answer to those three questions is Brandon. Do you also feel sorry for the drunk driver who wraps his car around a tree killing himself, but sparing a family in an oncoming vehicle for the decision to get behind the wheel of his car Drunk? I also agree it is not Carnivals fault for what happened, but seriously for a corporation like that to use this horrible situation to prey on hard working families from multiple countries is greedy to say the least. Also reports from countless passengers Carnival was released from the search a little over 4 hours later. The ship could have still made it to Cozumel although a few hours late. Last I checked where this occurred, by Cuba, the ship could have just turned around and went back to port instead of putting the ship in lowest gear possible to ensure they did not arrive back in Miami early. Also while all the passengers were supposed to be in Cozumel, why didn’t Carnival offer discounts on any purchases made? I’m sure you are also aware of those answers. Corporate greed!!! All Carnival was thinking about was lining their pockets even more. I can tell you one thing they can stick their 20% compensation for a future cruise because you couldn’t pay me to ever cruise with them again. They should be noble and provide the20% discount to passengers for this cruise instead. I remember last winter in New York State the Buffalo Bills had a home game cancelled because of a major snowstorm. The game was rescheduled in Detroit Michigan. What did the Bills management do for there fans even though it wasn’t their fault that Mother Nature dumped 6 feet of snow on their stadium? They like any respectable business/company refunded all of their fans the full ticket price they had spent, even though it wasn’t their fault like good ole Carnival is claiming. I guess that is the difference between a company that I have the utmost respect for and a company who only cares about the bottom line and lining their pockets even more!!!!!!!

  • Coz

    I could not agree more with CJ, Wow and Stacy. You people are disgraceful. Your cruise contract clearly states that no port is guaranteed. Carnival in my opinion made a very generous offer. All those distasteful scum saying that the deceased Go Fund Me page or his estate should pay for you missing 7 hours on Cozumel should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Bunch of crybabies, get over your pathetic selves already. Unlike the Bills game that genius “Seriously” talked about You still went on the cruise didnt you?? they still fed you didnt they? so you couldnt go ashore in Cozumel Tough $hit buddy What if that person that went overboard was someone you cared about or truly an accident how would you feel about these comments??

  • Sherry Chumley

    Wow, I have got to say the utter disgust I feel for most of your comments is terrible. A young man has lost his life and it was for Carnival to do everything they could do to possibly locate him. Oh boo hoo if your vacation was inconvenienced. Would you rather have the ship just sail on and forget about him, what if he could have been found or what if that were one of your own children that went missing. I sure hope you guys don’t take Carnival up on their cruise credit as those with no compassion really don’t need to sail with the rest of us. If Cozumel were all that important to you then you should have just booked a vacation there. Personally I wouldn’t even get off the ship there even if the ship made it.

  • Dena Johnson

    Our family of six was also on this cruise. My heart goes out to the family of Brandon Paul and I do believe Carnival Cruise Line had everything to do with his death. A bartender that over serves a customer and allows him to drive home is liable. How is this any different? He made a poor decision after having way too much alcohol. The staff of this cruise are trained to offer alcohol, more alcohol and a little more alcohol. They offered our 13 year old son and 15 year old daughter alcohol so many times I lost count. I’m surprised they didn’t offer it to our 4 year old and six year old! Granted, their sign and sail cards would have prevented the purchase, but still they were offered. Those same sign and sail cards should have indicated how much alcohol Brandon Paul had purchased on Tuesday on into Wednesday morning. There is a clear record of how much alcohol he and his friends purchased during that time.

  • Katie Loren

    Jenifer Montgomery. Condolences for your losses you said in your message. That is proved you did not mean that at all by your further statements. It is so hard to write comments about your remarks to such a cruel human being. You better pray every night those words don’t come back and haunt you sometime. As they say Karma is a bitch and if you don’t fear it you should with your heartless feelings

  • Tom Poff

    I was a Search and Rescue pilot for the Navy for over 20 years. The cruise ship company as well as the Coast Guard knows that the likelihood of finding someone in the water after falling overboard after five or six hours in warm water is highly unlikely. It is Standard Operating Procedure however that a surface vessel remain on station in case the search aircraft spots a body. I understand why the ship stayed on station for 30 hours. However the company owes the other 3400 passengers who were onboard and acted responsibly, better compensation than a measly 20% discount on a future cruise. Even if the fine print in the contract says they don’t, they still have a moral obligation to take care of paying passengers. They routinely give greater discounts than this to last minute bookings and to travel agents. This cruise was not a terribly expensive one anyway and the whole reason for my going was to see Cozumel and to Scuba dive. I, like many passengers live in South Florida and it is a short drive to Key West, which was the only other port. My In-Laws who came with my wife and I were visiting from Ukraine and will never be able to take advantage of the discount. I paid for the whole cruise myself and already have a VIFP number from other cruises. 20% is an insultingly low number and they ABSOLUTELY KNOW they should do much better, like 75% off a next cruise. But they are a big company and have high powered and high paid lawyers working for them who advise them to try and get away with as little as possible. It is up to passengers to make noise. This is the only way they will give us appropriate compensation.

  • steven


  • Noelle

    I just wanted to let everyone who has commented know that I myself spoke with Carnival the other day in which I was told they regrettably will not be doing anything else for us and that are no longer even taking calls about what has happened. Heartbreak for the Paul family aside, this is absurd. Carnival is a heartless company and I will never sail with them again. There is no monetary or discount supplement to make up for all the memories we all lost out on. For the passengers who were supposed to be in or at a wedding. To everyone celebrating something. Even for me, I get one vacation a year if that and this one was a surprise to my husband for our 1 year wedding anniversary. They can keep their 20%. I don’t find it worth it to put myself in the position of being on one their dirty and unsafe ships. I even have to fight them on a Medical Injury I received on the Cruise due to their lack of wet floor signs. l
    I’ve spoken to a lawyer and he was even surprised that we didn’t continue our voyage after this unfortunate incident because that is generally what they all do.
    Id be curious to know if anyone is pursing court action. I would love to be in on it if that is the case.

  • Brianna

    You all lost out on a few memories, a few dollars, a few pictures, a few experiences, a few souvenirs. I get that. But you have the chance to go back if you choose. This man doesn’t. I don’t see why you feel like you deserve anything from this matter. Did you read your contract prior to cruising? If you did, you’ll see you already agreed to give up this stuff if something were to happen (as it did.) And from what it sounds like, you already received more compensation than you agreed to. I really don’t understand why you’re turning this death into something that revolves around you. This is such an irrational belief. Look up Albert Ellis’ Irrational Beliefs and you’ll see what I mean. These thoughts make us live a life that isn’t capable of fulfilling us, so long as we hold on to these beliefs. Look a little more introspectively and think of how LUCKY you are in this situation. What if it was your son/father/brother overboard? Would you still be demanding a refund then? Stop complaining about what you lost out on and what you don’t have and be lucky for what you do have. (You still got to take off of work, you still went out with your friends/family. You still have friends/family to come home to. And whether or not you want to admit it to yourself, you still got a pretty good vacation out of this. I heard Key West was nice, and I’m sure you enjoyed Miami.)
    The complaining on this issue sickens me. You truly have no idea how lucky you are.

  • Ana

    As most of my opinion has been voiced and after trying to get Carnival to think of consumers rather yhan themselves. Where do I sign or when do we get together to resolve this?

  • Misty

    My two daughters and I were on this cruise. We are from Wisconsin and we do not get to do things like this. This was our first trip to Florida and our first cruise. The poor young man that lost his life is heartbreaking. It sounds selfish, but I was also very disappointed with the 20% discount offer. We can’t do this again anytime in the near future, if ever. The unfortunate circumstances ruined a lot of vacations. We also saw some very concerning things while we were stuck in the ocean for all those hours. We saw someone vomit in a hot tub and they just dumped more shock in it and didn’t clean it or anything. People were back in the water because they weren’t aware of what happened. I got home and ended up with a rash all over and it was from the hot tub water. I mean there wasn’t much else to do so we went in the hot tub. If we are ever able to do another cruise it won’t be on Carnival. My heart goes out to the Paul family, so sorry for your loss. But, still disappointed with Carnival’s failure to take care of us and help us get the vacation we paid for.