Amy Bradley Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the SeasThe mysterious case of cruise passenger Amy Lynn Bradley is again in the news.

Amy was traveling with her brother and parents when she disappeared 19 years ago while aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Rhapsody of the Seas. The ship had left Oranjestad, Aruba, and was sailing to Curaçao, in the Netherlands Antilles. On March 24, 1998, at age 23, Amy vanished.

The Bradley family was highly critical of Royal Caribbean who they faulted for the delay in responding to the incident and for what they felt was insensitivity toward their plight. Like most disappearances at sea, the cruise line’s "investigation" seemed designed to protect the cruise line’s image and legal interests. The FBI investigation, as usual, went no where.

Amy’s disappearance in 1998 occurred six to seven years before the highly publicized cases of Merrian Carver in 2004 and George Smith IV in 2005, before the formation of the International Cruise Victims organization, and before five Congressional hearings which led to the passage of the Cruise Vessel Safety and Security Act of 2010. The Bradleys were fighting the cruise line largely alone.

The International Cruise Victims organization contains a story about Amy’s disappearance.

The Bradley family’s website is here.  

The FBI page contains this description of the case: "Amy Lynn Bradley, while on a family cruise to the Caribbean, went missing from the Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line’s ship Rhapsody of the Seas. On Saturday, March 21, 1998, the vessel departed San Juan, Puerto Rico, and traveled to its first port of call, the island of Aruba. On Monday, March 23, 1998, Rhapsody of the Seas departed Aruba and was traveling in international waters to its next island port of Curacao, Netherlands Antilles. During the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 24, 1998, Amy Lynn Bradley went missing. The vessel later departed Curacao and continued on to the island of St. Martin (Sint Maarten) and further traveled to St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, before returning to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Saturday, March 28, 1998."

The FBI is offering a reward of up to $25,000 for information leading to the recovery of Amy Lynn Bradley and information that leads to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the person(s) responsible for her disappearance.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a 30 mile island. She has been spotted multiple times, descriveed perfectly including the similar tattoos and has tried to run towards help when identified. Why don’t you consider act the neathelands or the governing body of the island where she was last seen. Go to the places where she had been spotted and do a man search. If she’s there and has tried to get help then it’s negligence on your side if you don’t try and save her. Realistically if she’s sold to sex trafficking then after a curtain age they will get rid of her. She’s about 42. That doesn’t give her much odds. Searching the island would be a similar equivalence of searching senibel island.

  • Stacey

    My opinion on this is that there should be same law enforcement everywhere on trafficking and kidnapping. The cruise ship should of rang police themselves and should of kept people on the ship until the police and fbi came done the search. Definitely should be new laws and definitely should be same law everywhere. To much of this happening everywere .

  • Elaine Symes

    I hope one day she will be found and reunited with her love ones its so sad this has happened my ❤️ Goes out to her family and friends I hope they find. Who took here and bring them to justice

  • Natalie

    Why doesn’t her father visit brothels undercover in the city she’s been spotted in.

  • Stephanie

    Natalie – I had the same thought!

  • MikeP

    There is an excellent summary of the whole case by Casefile, a true crime podcast. Well worth a listen and may explain to Stephanie and Natalie above what the family has been doing over the last 20 years.

  • John

    The Royal Caribbean cruise line is undoubtedly connected to the sex trafficking industry. Avoid at all costs.

  • RJ Ross

    It’s obvious this family has done everything possible to find their daughter. My heart goes out to them.

  • Charleen

    I think of her often. It’s one thing for someone to work for themselves, but something completely different to be force and enslaved. There are so many whose lives have been stolen, used, and ruined. While not all prostitution is enslavement, most of it is. People who buy into it should re-consider what they really are participating in.

  • Kappy

    Just like on land, NEVER, under any circumstance, leave a friend with a stranger! Especially when there is alcohol involved! No matter what age you are, adhere to the buddy system ALWAYS!

  • Cari

    WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE BRING A LAWSUIT AGAINST ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE LINES FOR NOT HOLDING PASSENGERS ON BOARD UNTIL A COMPLETE SEARCH COULD BE CONDUCTED?? I suppose because of where the ship is registered and their laws?? That was outrageous!! Because that is exactly HOW she would have been taken off that ship, away from her family!! If she has been spotted multiple times on that island, HOW IN THE WORLD HAS LAW ENFORCEMENT NOT GOTTEN HER?? FBI– EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna

    Just have to say to Kappy, you definitely must not have kids and did not see the same story I saw today. If you we paying attention you would have seen she was not a friend left with a stranger. She was last in the company of her brother around 4am and her father saw her outside his room around 5am. While I agree with a buddy system how can you have no compassion and make such a hurtful statement. Anonymous is a coward. So many judges. I pray you will never know the feeling of having a child disappear. Until you walk in a man’s shoe’s you don’t know how you will deal with a situation until it happens to you. I pray God will convict your hearts and change your ways. My heartfelt prayers go out to the family. I can only imagine the risk involved of ruining the chances of Amy being found by getting too close. One wrong move and you may never have the chance of seeing her again. You just want to rush in and get her, but you are dealing with a country that you have to understand does not run the same as in the states although it is a part of the United States. Very dangerous territory to try and navigate. God I pray she is okay and will be coming home soon. Thank you Mike P. for your comment. God bless the family and their search and God bless Amy Lynn Bradley.

  • Anne

    This is just heartbreaking. I’ve seen a couple of shows about this case and it is so scary to think they could remove all of the photos where she was included 9 hours before she went missing. And then they never found out who deleted them. I see a big conspiracy between members of the crew and also possibly officials in Curacao. The cruise ship owners should be held accountable for the shoddy search and for not taking this missing person seriously. I”m just so sorry for the whole family.

  • Anon

    It seems to me that the search for Amy L Bradley is going all wrong. On these small little islands it should not be too difficult to search. First thing is to contact local offices like the governor, the Police, and mother country. (Police raid in our previous county only to look if they are paying the liquor taxes.) In many places in Western Europe the Brothels work with the police. Service men in proper disguise could be allowed into the Brothels. They could be complemented for their efforts. We all want to be cautious not to upset the kidnappers, as they will be ruthless.

  • Anonymous

    She was killed by somebody called Sam Arthur.

  • Anon

    What makes you say she was killed?
    Nothing on the internet even states that as a lead.

    I think she’s still out there, the fbi should have done more

  • Well I’m watching it again on tv. So sad. And to the one stating she was killed. Please call FBI. 25,000 for information leading justice. Also Step up do the right if u know something. Have A heart and give family closure. I see all the Wrong searches. Those ships need stricter rules when missing person happens.

  • Ali
  • Phil

    I think the person saying she was murdered had just watched this video. Their comment was a day after this video was made. I just googled the name Sam Arthur and found the comment in here that she was killed by him. I don’t know anything about the case myself, i just started watching this video a few minutes ago.

  • Diane

    This case is just haunting. So sad. I would bet she was taken and used for sex trafficking. That picture of the lady on the bed that is circulating on the internet, really looks like her a lot. My heart breaks for these poor parents and her brother. I hope they get some type of closure.

  • Shelly rammy

    I don’t understand how an island is only 30 miles and fbi don’t search the entire island. Maybe the countries officials won’t let fbi in because they will find her and a lot more. Maybe if Americans stop going to these countries stop giving them money locals will get upset at these creeps and push harder to end it or speak up. I know that will never happen unfortunately. As I watched it I thought she’s getting older In 40’s they won’t want her anymore and That is scary so so sad my heArt and prayers got out to her and her family. Maybe someone should kidnap the band members daughter see how he likes it and make him speak but not harm her not her fault her dads a creep.

  • Adam Drake

    @Shelly The FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction on an island that is administered by the Netherlands, and if they did, there isn’t enough manpower to search the homes and businesses of 160,000 people. It’s Royal Caribbean that is to blame here. They kept it under wraps and even lied about the extent of their search. Still, aside from the photograph of the prostitute that was sent to her parents, there’s not much reason to believe anything other than she simply fell overboard.

    I just booked a cruise for March on the same ship, and a 15 year old girl is going with us. You better believe she’s not going out of my, her mothers, or her brothers sight.

  • Maddy

    She was on the ship when they left Aruba. The sightings were not in Aruba, they were in Venezuela I believe. Unfortunately Venezuela is a large country with a lot of human slaves. And considering how long it’s been, Amy is most likely dead. Sex trafficking victims are not kept alive into their 40s. It’s a very sick and twisted thing, but they want young girls. Amy has probably been dead for 10 years.

  • Jeni

    This story is so very heartbreaking! I’m a true crime buff, and I have seen this story quite a few times. I believe crew ships are working with these individuals that sell women into sex trafficking. Not the crew ship itself, but the people working on it. I believe the picture of her on bed with black headboard is her! And I believe someone she was aquanted with on the ship came and got her. That’s why no one heard a struggle. She knew of the person. I feel she had met him that night while she was in a dance club onboard ship. I believe she willingly went with him and I believe others were waiting and they took her off the ship. A small boat could have gotten her away from cruise line. And I believe she was sold into sex slavery. They hired a guy who was taking them for their money pretending to find pictures of Amy on the beach bearing the same tattoos. That was a set up. I can only hope and pray that she still is alive. I pray that her family has closure. Such a shame ! Prayers for Amy Bradley and family!!

  • Anna Lee

    The dad said he work up and saw Amy sitting on the balcony and then 10minutes later got up and she was gone. It would be hard to go from the balcony to the door of the room without anyone noticing her. Those girls that was her on the boat had the days and times wrong. Amy fell overboard. It happens. Do I wish for her parents sake that she is alive..yes but the truth is she probably isn’t. To the guy above that suggested her dad to into brothels…this isn’t a “Hollywood movie” set. He couldn’t get into a place like that.

  • Stylax Eurisces

    I’m an American living in Curaçao for several years now. There is a legally run, government sanctioned brothel near the airport and then in the main tourist areas of Otrobanda and Punda there are plenty of unsanctioned brothels/hotel/clubs that you kind of just learn about. If you’ve never lived in Curaçao, or the Caribbean for that matter, you probably have no idea just how easy it is to get away with just about anything down here. Coming here on a cruise or short vacation is hardly enough time to discover any of this. Although it doesn’t take long to recognize that a fair portion of the local make minimal effort. They look out for their own and that is a stone cold fact. That, along with the level competence, willingness to act, and overall lack of giving a shit of the local authorities is a alarming. Honestly, it’s like living in the wild west; you can kind of make up your own rules depending on how far you want to push it. Drinking and driving, all types of drug use, and crime tend to go unnoticed. And you can easily bribe the local officers. I’ll be here for about another year before I return to the U.S. and let me tell you, I cannot wait to leave this shady third world garbage dump of an island. To put it into perspective, most of the locals will work harder to prepare for a party than they do at their everyday jobs that keep the bills paid and food on the table. I would be shocked to hear about any of the them making the slightest effort to assist in an investigation involving the disappearance of a American. You can choose to believe this, or not; but I live this every day.

  • Eric

    I believe the musician she was seen with is working with the traffickers. Some how he delivered Amy into their hands. Moving women from island to island or city to city is a common tactic for traffickers
    . Keeps cops confused and provides new fertile ground for the girls. Sadly after all these years Amy may have outlived her usefulness to the men.I find it hard to believe that the traffickers let her walk on the beach whether she was guarded or unguarded men like that like to keep the girls working 24/7 if they could unfortunately I would hire a private investigator to go from Island to island in the Caribbean and pose as a John I see that as the only way to possibly find her and get her back I hope she still alive even though after so many years I can’t imagine how she feels about anything

  • Linna

    My ex-husband is the criminal that went to jail for obtaining money for research and used it for self enjoyment. I divorced him in 2003 for being a horrible person. He is still horrible. Luckily I moved away from him and his messed up family. I think about this family every year. I hope that one day this will be resolved. I will continue to pray for her safe return so the family can rest. They deserve to know what happened to her. Someone needs to be held accountable even if it is the cruise ship.

  • Nancy P

    If the ship had listened to the family from the get go, she would have never been able to get off the ship. Why wouldn’t the captain stop the passengers from getting off until Amy was found? Could the captain be a part of it? I would think the FBI would have already thought of this…however, if not….then the captain should be questioned. My deepest sympathies to the family.

  • DeeTee

    There are unlimited places on a ship that large that a person could be hidden until the right time to remove from the ship. If she was targeted, the people responsible are very good at smuggling someone off the ship unseen. I agree with Stylax. Cooperation is the main ingredient and I am sure that was obtainable. it’s very easy to say what should have/could have been done when you’re not the one in the shoes. I am not sure how much the parents were allowed to do themselves by the government restrictions. FBI- I think their MO is TALKING and not much doing. Chasing leads is ok but a bureau such as FBI should be out there finding their own leads. Posting plainclothes peeps, getting to know the island, etc. one or two agents could accomplish this easily. I am not sure it’s not too late at this point. If Amy is “reachable,” she may not care anymore. My heart goes out to these people

  • Irene

    I just finished watching this case on the show disappeared . What I don’t understand is if she got off of this ship she would have to show her cruise ship ID badge that has her picture on it, it goes through the computer to get off the ship, they do that so they know how many people left the ship .You are not even allowed to get off the ship without it . Not one time during the show did they ever say that she showed her pass, so I can’t imagine how she even got off the ship. There is no way she could have walked off that ship.

  • Elizabeth

    It’s plausible the band members probably drugged her and carried her off with their equipment. I pray for her and the family daily the the God I serve brings Amy home and heals her. Being beautiful in that part of the world surely was a curse for this poor girl. May her family have the answers they need!!

  • Matilda

    I just finished watching this on the show “Disappeared”. It made clear that there is no credible evidence that she ever left the ship. She disappeared while at sea. It was very late, she was tired, she had been drinking and like to take photographs. Though this was 20 years ago, she in all likelihood, accidentally fell off the ship and was killed while trying to take pictures from the rail of her room’s balcony. Her parents are chasing ghosts. Poor Amy was lost at sea.

    • Dan Hansell

      Chasing ghosts and money

    • Juan Solórzano-Fonseca

      I also saw right now the show and I think exactly the same thing. I would like to see photographs of the balcony and the rail on it.

  • Andrea Arredondo

    I suggest you guys go hidden to the island and go where she has been seen by people and wait until she goes by there and try to find out if it’s really her…….. if you really want to find her it doesn’t matter how long you stay in the island stay there until you see her where she has been spotted at

  • Brittany

    This case is very puzzling to me and my biggest question is if this is a human sex trafficking case as many people think, then HOW was Amy taken off of the boat? I just watched the Disappeared episode of this case and it was daylight when ship docked the island. There is a chance she was drugged and put in a suitcase and wheeled off of the ship. But this just seems highly unlikely to me. What also baffles me is how did no one see anything?! She was sitting on her balcony past 4 a.m. What would have made her go back out into the hallways of the ship? If someone did something to her while on the ship and tried to toss her body overboard, I think it would have been too risky of them being seen in the early morning hours. That leads me to believe she was drugged and put into luggage and taken off of the ship because I just don’t know how else she got off of the ship. I cannot think of any other option. It was a HUGE mistake for the ship to allow people off of the boat. This was a life in danger and a family that has been broken for 20 years now. I hope one day there will be an answer for the family. This is also extremely scary and I hope cruise lines have better protocol for these kinds of things today.

  • Karen Shook

    I have followed this story for some time. Personally I feel the band member she was friendly with had something to do with her disappearance. I think she was somehow taken off the boat and sold into sex trafficking. With her fears I do not think she would have climbed over the railings and fell overboard. I just don’t see that. After what happened to Natalie Holloway in Aruba and seeing how these island police are, I agree that they are in each other’s pockets and could care less about a American citizen that was missing. Royal Caribbean involved? No. But their employees? Probably yes. I fear now she is dead. Too old for the traffickers to keep her. So sad for her family.

  • Sandy

    Adam, many people have seen her since she disappeared. There is no reason to think that she fell over. She was last seen on the boat getting on an elevator with a member of the band that was playing on the boat. I believed he lead her to the traffickers.

    Also, she identified herself to an American military man who was a patron of a brothel on the island and asked for his help. He chose instead not to help her because he didn’t want to get in trouble for soliciting a prostitute. By the time he did report it, the brothel had been burned to the ground.

    There were so many opportunities for her to be saved but no one bothered.

  • Tammy

    I have been on numerous crusies up until 2012. I will never go on one again. In 2012 while on a cruise to the carribean I and another female enter the elevator on the lowest floor for passengers to go up to return to our room. I pressed the only button there was to go up and all of a sudden the elevator dropped and stopped suddenly between floors somewhere at the bottom of the ship and the door oper partially and there this guy who was a ship employee we suspect because he was wearing some type of uniform and he was just staring at us and we panicked. I starting screaming and the other female got real nasty with him and we made alot of noise. He shuts the door again and I am not sure how long it was but the elevator began to move up and finally the door open on one of the passengers decks and we come out the elevator and them an is standing I was horrified and the other female who was in the elevator began to tell at him and he left. I went to my room and stayed there almost the entire time until we arrived back at Port in our home town. You know how they say listen to your gut instinct. Mine was screaming to get off that ship and I have not been on another cruise since. I believe that guy had been watching us and knew we sometimes travel back and forth to our room separately. I believe with my whole heart and soul that had it been only one of us in that elevator we would have never been seen again. I believe that is how these girls disappear on the ships and I believe some of the employees on these ships are involved in cases where girls go missing. I pray that someday soon her family will get closure and justice.

  • Ash Paladium

    The F.B.I could have solved this a long time ago if they wanted to. Amazing our country has the intelligence to find Bin Laden but can’t find an important U.S. citizen with a nice family who is suffering.
    Obviously someone in that nightclub on the cruise ship has done this many times before and it is an “operation” that they have perfected. She was most likely forced into either a cargo hold or bathroom when the crew searched the ship. These predators may be working for the cruise lines which is what explains being able to hide her. When the family got off the cruise ship, the kidnappers either took her off the boat then, or when then passengers re-boarded later.
    I would bet anything that 2-3 people working for the cruise line are in on kidnapping women. They are obviously being paid alot of money.
    The man with whom Amy was sent hanging with earlier on the morning should be questioned extensively. Just can’t believe he was allowed to go so soon. He should have surveillance on his activity and the cruise ships should also be held responsible for allowing the passengers to leave the ship when Amy was missing.
    I was wondering if the family left one person behind to watch the ramp and see if anyone left the boat later later on while they searched on the island?
    They knew Amy was missing so how then did they get her off the boat? There has to be cruise line workers in on it.

  • Ash Paladium

    I believe that there are predators who are hired by these scummy brothel losers tto work on these Cruise lines and kidnap women. It has to be someone that has authority because these women are essentially being unloaded off of the ship before the other passengers. Aost 200 people have disappeared from cruise lines since 2002. People should never under any circumstances walk the ship alone. It is comparable to walking streets alone at night. The ship is huge and the cruise workers know the ships every hiding place. It would be easy for them to stow away a person and keep them quiet. A shame this family has to go through this.

  • Jim

    The Captain has to be in on it. He wouldn’t do a thorough investigation or stop people from leaving. He knows what’s going on along with the band member.

  • Carl Nemo **==

    Just watched her story on IDTv (Investigation Discovery) on a series titled “Disappeared”. The best clue as to what happened was when the young naval officer heard a woman say to him “I’m Amy Bradley help me” and he did nothing because he didn’t want to hurt his career. Me knowing the USN he was probably correct that they would have focused on him and let the girl’s name slip through the cracks. Just the same it confirmed she was sold into prostitution. She would now be 43. My suspicion is she’s been murdered by now since a woman can’t function for a decade or more serving her owners in such a capacity due to burnout and STD’s ravaging the women in time. The club where she was sighted burned down. The family should have had a private detective who operates on Curacao to grease the palms of various brothel owners to locate the girl back in 2007 when she was last sighted. My unsolicited advice to young, attractive women is stay away from taking cruises in the Caribbean. If you do then travel in groups and not to wander about a large vessel alone. They are like a floating small city with many places to hide a kidnapped person to be unloaded when they make port. The islands are full of lowlifes surviving on the edge, so human life is very cheap. Truly, a very sad story for this loving family.

  • DB

    I think the way they are going about this is all wrong. Nobody is going to risk their life for $25K. These people who have kidnapped Amy are most-likely some really low life characters. The industry CAN make good money off such hostages.