Oasis of the Seas Nassau BahamasThe Tribune newspaper in Nassau reports that during a meeting between the CEO of Royal Caribbean International brand, Michael Bayley, and Prime Minister Perry Christie, the cruise executive stated that he is “concerned” about high levels of crime in the Bahamas. 

Mr. Bayley says that he has previously communicated his concerns regarding the issue of crime affecting his Royal Caribbean customers to the Bahamian government through the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA).

He claims that his cruise line’s ships bring around 1,700,000 guests to the the Bahamas each year. However, if his cruise customers do not feel safe visiting the country, they will no longer vacation in the Bahamas, he says. 

Many cruise passengers to Nassau have told us over the last few years that they do not get off of the cruise ship upon arriving in the Bahamas because of crime ashore. 

Mr. Bayley says that Royal Caribbean is "committed to maintaining a concrete relationship with the country and plans to double visitor numbers over the next 10 years."  If true, this is an ambitious goal given the high crime rate in Nassau and the opening of ports in Cuba to Miami based cruise lines. 

Ironically, the Royal Caribbean CEO was meeting with the Bahamian Prime Minister about the development of the cruise line’s private destination in Coco Cay, Bahamas. With the development of a large fixed pier, the priavte cay will be able to receive larger cruise ships including the Oasis-class ships which carry up to 5,400 passengers.

As reflected in the comments to the article, many people feel that numerous  islands in the Bahamas are being developed as private resorts for the cruise lines to escape the problems with crime and trash which detract from Nassau’s reputation as a top cruise port. 

In a PR news release, Royal Caribbean promised to increase the number of Bahamians employed by the cruise line in the next five years. This is an issue where the cruise line has failed miserably in the past. Compared to other countries like Jamaica where there are many thousands of cooks, cleaners and cabin attendants working in Royal Caribbean ships, there are relatively few crew members from the Bahamas working for Royal Caribbean.

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March 9, 2017 UpdateGovt Should Be Concerned At Cruise Line’s Worries.

Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas in Nassau, Bahamas – Baldwin040 – CC BY-SA 3.0, commons / wikimedia.

  • Tim Dye

    I truly believe they’d like to pull out of Nassau. And the improvements to Coco Cay are an indication of this. However keep in mind, they can’t afford to piss the government off to bad. All RCL Ships are Registered in th Bahamas. And they depend heavily also on the Dry Dock Facilities.

  • A.D.G. Jr.

    Coco Cayo, Cuba…LOL. I told my father two years ago we should start investing with the EURO’s in Cayo Coco, Cuba! What a beautiful place, thank you Lord for creating it. And the Cuban people are so proud of their culture and country, Lord knows you can’t beat their music. Look at Cayo Coco on Google Earth, this is what the rest of Cuba will look like in the future, Bahamas has no chance against Cuba.Cuban government doesn’t tolerate crime, especially on tourist. Not only with the bankrupted crime ridden Bahamas be affected, but so will the other islands in the Caribbean; crime or no crime. Cuba is not only beautiful,safe,friendly people,gorgeous beaches,but it’s also a new adventure; some thing new to see and do. Once Cuba starts building their ports to accommodate large ships, it’s over for these other small island countries; Cayman Islands is the only islands I see making it(Only my opinion).

  • A.D.G. Jr.

    I just talked to Royal Cruises on the phone because I thought they were talking about Cayo Coco, Cuba….where the Hell is this private island Coco Cay located. The Indian sounding guy on the phone didn’t want to tell me it was Bahamas, but not Bahamas, what the Hell was that all about…lol. He says to me, “No, no, it’s not Bahamas, it’s between Cuba and Bahamas; going to look this up right now on Google Earth; something smells fishy to me. If it’s anywhere near Nassau, than it’s no safer.

  • Marianne

    Anyone who goes ashore in Nassau is providing dollars to a government that would just as soon steal from you as not . They purposely paid all bahamian natives and companies owed money in the Bahamas and stiffed every foreign person and company owed millions in the baha mar fiasco .

  • marlenezandstra@comcast.net

    We have been on the Sun in Brazil. There has been 10 muggings off shore in Rio, we ourselves got attacked. We told security, and asked to fill out a crime report, they laughed as us, told us they don’t go out, and there is no system in place to report this to NCL. I am retired military, my husband the same and 6’4. they had two teams, one got Steve and one went for me…they were caught, and I hurt the guy!!! the police came, stripped him at gun point then let him go, the guy was so mad, he came after us again with the police chasing him….I have been in every country and never will enter Brazil again….I hope I am never jumped again, but thank God I could react without a nano second….He did not get anything…FYI one woman told me her daughter always has a body guard with her, that should tell you something. I hated people say, it happens everywhere, and I say bullshit…not like what happen to us…