The Allure of the Seas returned this morning to Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale after a week long cruise. When the Allure docked, some of the passengers were in for a shock.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protective (CBP) reportedly requested the captain of the cruise ship to first disembark green card holders from the seven Muslim-based countries subject to President Trump’s executive order, which bans citizens from entering the U.S. for at least the next 90 days

I was contacted this morning about the situation at the cruise terminal in Fort Lauderdale. A passenger said that there are several guests who sailed on the cruise who are from Iraq and Iran who hold green Trump Ban Green Card Cruisecards (which makes them legal permanent U.S. residents). It currently is unknown how many passengers have been detained, or whether crew members have also been affected.

The executive order, signed by President Trump on Friday night, has thrown confusion into the handling of many people trying to enter the U.S. this weekend. 

Yesterday, a Department of Homeland Security official said people holding green cards are included in President Trump’s executive action temporarily barring people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

There is uncertainty whether the green card holders will be barred from re-entering the U.S. or whether they will have to undergo additional screening.

"It will bar green card holders," Gillian Christensen, acting Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman, told Reuters yesterday. But other representatives at Homeland Security have been quoted as saying that green card holders will be permitted to enter but will have to be subject to "extreme vetting." 

The affected passengers were returning on a gay cruise chartered by Atlantis. Many returning cruisers not directly affected by the ban have remained at the cruise terminal to show solidarity with the detained passengers.

It is likely that others passengers at other U.S. ports will be detained, and either banned from entering the U.S. or subject to added vetting.

President Trump has claimed that the purpose behind the executive order is to "keep America safe." But it’s hard to imagine how banning legal residents from returning from a holiday cruise will accomplish that goal.

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Update: The Miami Herald is covering the story – I’ve Been Detained at Broward Port, Cuise Passenger With a Green Card Says.

January 30, 2017 Update: It seems that there were cruise passengers detained at other ports yesterday.

Florida Today writes that seven people, including a woman of Syrian origin and her three U.S. born children, were retained by CPB for over 6 hours in Port Canaveral yesterday.  

The Global Nation writes today about an Iraqi-born woman of Swedish citizenship, married to an U.S. citizen who arrived in an unidentified port in Florida. Even though she is a legal permanent resident holding a green card, she was separated from her husband when the cruise ship returned to port. "… she felt confused and afraid while being bombarded with questions. Her husband had to wait outside. . .  They asked me where I was born, when did I leave Iraq, how did I come to America, who sponsored me, what does my husband do, and what countries have I lived in.” After three hours of questioning, she was finally let go. “I was the in same room as someone being accused of child pornography,” she says. “That’s how low they made me feel, just because I was in Iraq 27 years ago.” 

March 24, 2017 Update: Palestinian UF student detained after Spring Break cruise.  

  • Cheryl Perry

    This must be particularly terrifying for these passengers. Not only do they face exclusion from their homes, but deportation to nations that consider their sexual orientation a crime. They have no chance of hiding it having been detained from an LGBT cruise. These lives are literally on the line. I don’t understand how a civilised country can tolerate this level of discrimination.

  • Stuart Jordan

    Jim – Tweet the hell out of this. Make sure that everyone knows its not just at the airports and totally innocent people are having their rights violated!

  • Brian Zahorchak

    We are in the beginning stages of short-sighted “America First” policies that will make the USA extremely unpopular throughout the world, not to mention that a majority of Americans oppose these policies as well. The repercussions of such policies, internationally and domestically, will not be good. Reflecting on the election, it brings to mind the cliché “Be careful what you wish for…”

  • Adolf

    I understand why they’re targeting gays and Muslims but why not Jews and Mexicans? Oh wait they’ll be next.

  • Mary Manupella

    We must all stand up against this. The protests at the airports and on the streets are our only defense at this point. And calling out bad policies and laws still works–but we must be constant and consistent.

    The ACLU lawyers that won a partial victory in NY said that they believe the protests caused the judges to make their decisions quicker recognizing the disruption this new policy was causing. Trump et al have now backed off the inclusion of people with green cards since the protests. Trump needs to understand he has no mandate for many of his planned actions based on his campaign promises and going down this path with ruin him and the Republican party.

  • Ron

    How is the fact that they were returning from a gay cruise even remotely relevant to the story? Keep to the facts people, adding extra bullshit to your story does nothing for your reputation!

  • Kerry Logan

    Chaos – complete disorder and confusion. From what you wrote, it doesn’t appear there was any chaos at all. The captain was asked to change the order of the passengers disembarking. The Miami Herald reported one man being detained for 3 hours. That is not chaos.Your pictures show people outside a cruise port waiting for transportation. That happens every cruise. If you’re going to write about cruise laws, and the impact on cruising then do it. Writing an article that implies chaos at cruise ports, when it doesn’t exist, is deceptive. If you want to write problems at airports, then do that. If you don’t like the new law, fine. Just don’t sensationalize the impact of it. Some readers may actually wrongly believe there’s chaos at the ports now. Was that your objective? Maybe so.

  • Now you have something to sue trump for.

  • Ron:

    His sexual orientation is hardly B.S. Some of these particular cruise passengers are from countries where being gay is a crime; there are dire consequences if they are deported . .

  • Kerry:

  • Gokhan

    It’s a terrible situation! People do not deserve this. For politics interests and plights. Make america great again, not like this!

  • cdeleon

    Guys, please keep this news in perspective. It has already been blown out of proportion.

    1. CBP only made a little change in the disembark procedure which is to place all green card holders/dual citizens first to disembark because they had to go thru additional screening.

    2. Trumps ban covered all entry points and it only so happened that there was a Gay cruise coming and was subjected to the new law DOES NOT mean that this administration is targeting the LGBT community. That’s irresponsible journalism so whoever published the news, get your facts straight.

    3. The photo in this article of a crowd in front of what looks like a Cruise terminal. THIS IS NORMAL for disembarking passengers ! I see this all the time because imagine 2500 guests disembarking all at the same time will cause this at the departure area. They are all just waiting for transport so again this is irresponsible journalism.

    4. Did the journalist do a fact check on HOW MANY were actually detained, how long and what was the outcome? Were they actually disallowed from entering before airing this bit of news ? NO! All he had to do was to interview the cruise line to get that fact BEFORE posting this. Again, irresponsible journalism.

  • “cdeleon:”

    Trump’s bigotry masquerading as just a “little change?”

    Trumpsters label anything not from FOX NEWS or Breitbart as “irresponsible.”