Independece of the SeasA passenger reportedly went overboard from the Independence of the Seas last night, according to other passengers who reported the incident on Twitter.

CruiseNiche reports that the staff of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship claims that a passenger apparently jumped from an upper deck of the ship. Other cruise ships, a Coast Guard vessel and helicopter are reportedly assisting in the search.

AIS (via Marine Traffic) shows the Independence of the Seas heading back toward South Florida, making a series of slow circles.

There have been 282 prior overboards from cruise ships since 2000.

Update: A local news station is reporting that the overboard passenger was a young man, age 22.

Search underway for 22-year-old Royal Caribbean passenger who went overboard. Video via News7 Miami.

  • Marie Marino

    What is it that so many passengers go overboard? I was on the Ruby Princess a few years back going to Europe, when a male employee from the kitchen jumped overboard…at approx. one o clock in the morning. We were awaken by the horn that went off. We assisted the rescue from our balcony…They really did a great job getting this person back on the ship. What an experience. The next day the employee was sent home safe and sound. What a stupid way to end your life.

  • Lori

    There are no smart ways to commit suicide.

    From the mother of a son who died at age 20.

  • Jennifer

    My family and I were on this cruise and we are so sorry this has happened. A family is going home without their son and our hearts go out to them.

  • Daniel

    My thoughts goes to the people who have tried to save him and to the familly…


  • Alesia

    I was on this ship and my heart and prayers goes out to the family as well as the Capitan and crew members. I’m sure that was a difficult moments for all involved.

  • Cara

    We were on board and woke up to the sound of the helicopter/plane around 330 am and watched the ship’s search lights, life boats and the coast guard boat search the water. I feel for the family that has to celebrate Christmas without their son/brother/friend.

  • Jerry Xia

    I was on this cruise ship. Our flight got canceled from Kansas city so we missed 2 days on the cruise. We caught up with our cruise at Costa Maya where the cruise was at its first Port. At 1:50 in the morning we heard men and women screaming from above us. We stayed in our stateroom because we thought we reached Miami(The final destination.) The Next morning the captain told everyone about the incident and the U.S coast guard were still searching for the man.

  • Newt

    My family was on board and saw another ship and lights in the area but wasn’t aware of what was going on until the next morning. I wanted to cry for the young man, his family and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to this young man’s family and friends. I wish he could have slept on it and maybe he would have decided to live. RIP

  • Hanna C.

    I was aboard this cruise at the time when this happened. I was on my way back to my room with a few people, (Because 18 and unders curfue is 12am but we stayed out till like 2)(a guy I met on the cruise named Kade, and my sister). We where sitting in the lobby near the elevators on the 6th floor(my floor), when we hear the cruise director say “OSCAR…….OSCAR…….OSCAR” 3 times, and we all look at each other, and about that time you feel the cruise come to a stop. So we walked back to my room and we said bye, and how much we would miss each other, and about that time my step mom comes out of her room and told us there has been a man overboard. So we asked to go in her room to look off of the balcony for a little bit, and we stood there in blank silence for at least 15 minutes looking around in shock. So me, and Kade decided to go back to our rooms and kissed good~bye. That wasn`t the last time I saw him (I saw him while I was getting off of the cruise). That night, I couldn`t sleep. Staying up, prying for the family and friends of the poor guy. Enough about me, My prayers go out to the family, and friends.