Savia RasquihnaA crew member from the Costa Serena is reportedly missing from the cruise since since November 19, 2016, according to his family. 

According to his brother who posted information on Twitter, Savio Rasquinha disappeared from the Costa Serena.  The cruise line has produced no CCTV and has offered no explanation to the crew member’s family.

The Costa Serena was sailing near Nagasaki, Japan when Mr Rasquinha disappeared from the ship.

Mr. Rasquinha is from Marol, Mumbai.  He joined the cruise ship in September.

This is the 282nd person  to go overboard from a cruise ship since 2000. 

A passenger went overboard from the Costa Serena in 2010. 

Andheri man goes missing mid-sea between Japan and China covers the story.

If you have information, please contact Mr. Rasquinha’s brother here

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