SeaDream IA reader of our blog brought to my attention that the Sea Dream I operated by SeaDream Yacht Club caught fire this afternoon.

A number of Italian newspapers report that a fire broke out in the ship’s engine room while the ship was off the coast of Calabria, in southern Italy.

The Ansi Chronicle said that the fire occurred while the ship was between Amalfi and Palinuro with 105 passengers and 61 crew members aboard.

The Sea Dream I is reportedly under tow. All passengers and crew members were reportedly safely rescued by the fast ferry Isola di Vulcano this afternoon and disembarked in Naples. 

Photo credit: Napoli Repubblica newspaper.

September 2 2016 Update: A passenger states that the fire occured around 2:00 AM local time on September 1st and completely disabled the ship.  The ship was reportedly not evacuated until later in the afternoon around 12 hours after the fire. 

You can see a video of the evacuation after the fire via Corriere del Mezzogiorno TV

Additional information is available at the Maritime Herald

September 2 2016 video credit: Livio Pave YouTube


  • Be

    FYI The fire erupted at 2am on the 1st September and the ship was completely disabled.
    No power at all on the ship it was not evacuated until 3 pm yesterday whilst authorities and the owners of the line worked out what to do

  • Richard West

    Too many ships are having engine room fires.
    There needs to be international standards with which cruise lines must comply

  • Jim Murray

    How are they handling passengers ? What about future cruises on this ship ?

  • Dina Pyron

    i was on the ship that evening. Fire started at 2 a.m., emergency system melted in the fire so crew banging on doors to get life jacket and go to muster area. Quite scary, about 1.5 hours until we knew fire was out. I have read fire was small, not quite accurate, there was a lot of smoke and awful and strong smell. No electricity, water for over 14 hours while sea dream figured out how to evacuate us. guests and crew all moved to Italian ferry around 5 p.m. and arrived in naples at 9 p.m. on Sept 1st. so from start to finish….about 19 exhausting hours of an experience.

  • Lauren

    I was meant to go on seadream 1 for my aunts wedding celebrations, it’s now cancelled and she’s devastated. Glad no ones hurt though!

  • Terry

    Sea Dream just advised yesterday that client’s cruise on 15OCT16 is now cancelled. It would have been nice to have more advance warning than 2 days!

  • Lenny Gold

    They cancelled our 10/22 cruise on the night of 10/21, less than 12 hours before it was to set sail. All passengers were already in Rome. They only cited “mechanical difficulties,” as if the cause was sudden, unexpected, and unforeseeable. The compensation they offered is insufficient considering they ruined our vacation and we would never have left home had we known in advance (and we had just spoken with their Miami office the day before we left NYC, and they didn’t say a word about the fire or the ship having been in dry dock in Naples for repairs since 9/1 and was still not cleared to sail). Preparing to sue for damages on account of their failure to disclose.

  • Matt

    Hey Lenny we met in Rome at the hotel. Have you had any traction with getting paid back? They are not accepting credit card and other virtual receipts for our stipends! Rediculous!