Carnival EcstasyA passenger has been reported going overboard from the Carnival Ecstasy this morning.

The Carnival cruise ship is currently searching waters to the west of Freeport, Bahamas for the person.

AIS services show the ship slowing and turning around in what appears to be a classic Wlliamson turn.

According to  cruise expert Ross Klein, this is the 275th person to go overboard from a cruise ship since the year 2000.  The last overboard from a Carnival ship occurred earlier this summer when a 33 year old woman disappeared from the Carnival Liberty in May.

We have asked Carnival for a statement.

The Ecstasy was returning to Charleston from a cruise to the Bahamas and had sailed from Nassau.

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Update: Carnival issued the following statement this morning:

“Early this morning, a 32-year-old female guest was witnessed jumping overboard from the cruise ship Carnival Ecstasy. The ship was approximately 15 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama island. Man overboard procedures were initiated immediately along with notification to the U.S. Coast Guard. Cruise ship personnel have been participating in the search and rescue operation throughout the morning. At 9 a.m., USCG released the cruise ship to resume its course for Charleston. USCG remains on site to continue the search. The company’s CareTeam is providing assistance and support to the missing guest’s family on board and our thoughts and prayers are with her and family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Carnival Ecstasy is based year round in Charleston, SC and operates five to seven-day cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean.”

Update: ABC News says the Coast Guard “is searching for woman who fell overboard from Carnival Ecstasy cruise ship at 2:30 AM.

Update: Told that the USCG released the Ecstasy from search and rescue at 08:58 A.M.; cruise ship now reportedly proceeding to Charleston.

Carnival Ecstasy

  • Jamie Lewis

    I don’t know how people fall overboard, Ive been on about 36 cruises and Ive never put myself in any situation where that would be possible. But, if you are hanging over a rail, or posing for a “selfie” near a rail or daring to sit on the rail, it could be posible that a sudden wave could rock the ship just right for you to slip. i strongly URGE all cruise goers to always be aware of your surroundings and do not put yourself in harms way for any reason. People are doing dangerous things for pictures and fun and for the daredevil aspect but it is not worth it for a brief moment of “fun”. If you stay away from the rails, you will remain on the ship.

  • Jason

    I was on this ship. This woman wasn’t screwing around. She walked over an climbed the rail an jumped off. Not an accident in any way.