Belize CityOn September 13, 2016, a passenger on the Carnival Magic was robbed at gunpoint at the port of Belize. We received the following information from the passenger:

"We were at the port next to the belize sign taking pictures. A vendor selling wood and jewelry was trying to sell us some of his handmade work when a male on a bicycle threw down his bike and pointed a gun at me. He then put it under his shirt when my friend turned around. My friend thought it was a joke and wasn’t cooperating that’s when the man pulled the gun back out racked it and pointed it at us. He told us to empty our pockets. My friend gave him 15$ all he had left and I gave him 25$ he then saw my phone and told me to give it to him. I delayed giving to him as I was thinking about my options. After a few moments I decided it wasn’t worth it and gave it to him. He then started yelling at my friend to give him his wallet which he did not have. The man then asked where it was my friend replied in my room. Finally the male said don’t make this a big deal and got back on his bike and rolled away. I preceded to run to the first police officer I could find and let them know what happened. The police had several officer driving around in cars and motorcycles trying to find the assailant. They told us it was the 1st time in 2 years this happened in or by the port. They could not locate him and took us to the police station where we gave statements and made reports. 2 hrs later they took us back to the port where we went back on the ship and made report to carnival. They said it never happens. Made report to guest services then wrote statement to security and told me to call corporate office when I get off ship. Called the office they did not seem to care much and I told them why do they go to unsafe ports their reply was this never happens. To future cruisers I would suggest to not get off on this port."

Carnival contacted the passenger after the cruise, stating that it is going to increase awareness with cruise guests and also increase police and security at that port.

Last March, cruise ship passengers were robbed at gunpoint while on an excursion at the Altun Ha Maya ruins site in Belize. Earlier in March, a couple in Belize from a cruise ship reported that they were victims of an attempted armed robbery near the Museum of Belize.

As we mentioned in our last article, the Minister of Tourism of Belize was quoted earlier this year saying that that violent crime has been decreasing in the country. He said that over one million people visited Belize last year and crime against tourists was "rare."

Carnival and other cruise lines which call on this port should issue warnings to their guests that these type of crimes have occurred at port, in Belize City and during excursions from the port.

Source of information: Carlos Martinez

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September 29, 2016 Update: Several people pointed out that the Belize sign near where the robbery took place is outside of the gates to the port. So the robbery did not technically take place "at the port" to the extent that this means "in the port." 

Robbery Belize Cruise Port

Robbery Belize Cruise Port


  • Brent

    Does “at port” mean inside the port gates?
    There are armed guards at the gate, so if it happened inside, I would have run to them after the guy rode away and surely they could have stopped them.

  • P

    Its really getting bad down there in the Caribbean a lot of the ports you stop at are being taken over by crime!! The cruise lines could care less you are just a dollar sign to them! I know we hardly ever get off the ship in what my husband calls crimesau (Nassau). If this keeps up people will go but just stay on board or they won’t go! Its just really sad that these cruise lines mega rich CEO’S put profit over peoples well being and safety!!

  • David

    I’m pretty sure the cruise lines very happy for their passengers to stay on board. That way the passengers are drinking the cruise line’s liquor, shopping in their shops, playing in their casinos- you get the idea. When passengers go ashore, all that revenue goes away.

    So, probably in an ideal world for the cruise lines, all the passengers would stay on the ship at every port.

  • bob garner

    The Belize sign is outside of the gated area, they do have guards at the gate, but outside of it no. Its also a public street where cars and obviously bicyclists are passing by.

  • Jerome

    To David…if the ship is in port, the Casino is closed as are the gift shops. It’s that way at EVERY port. Drinking, on the other hand, would surely continue.

  • Sherri

    So sorry this happened to you….have been robbed before, it’s not a fond memory.
    I have been to Belize twice……on The Magic in May 2015 and on The Freedom in July 2015….just me and a girlfriend. Very safe both times.

  • I wrote to the Belize Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    I know there is concern for safety in Belize as a couple of cruisers were robbed at gunpoint near the Belize sign. Judi and I have been there many times and always venture out beyond the terminal. The vendors are pushy but we were never afraid. You should note that Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Leave your Rolex and diamonds on the ship in the safe so as not to temp folks that make in a year what you make in a fourth of that time. I wrote to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belize to let them know we are aware and concerned. Here is their response. Maybe I will hear something from the Tourism Board too.

    “Thank you for your message and we recognize and accept your concern for safety. Please be assured that the local Police is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of all visitors and our citizens. We have forwarded your message to the Belize Tourism Board who we are certain is working with the Police in this regard. We thank you for your love for our beautiful country and hope that you continue to return and enjoy.”
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Belize is on Facebook

    2nd message 4 Oct 2016

    Received this email this am from the Belize Tourism Board

    “Good Day Vic and Judi,
    First of all, thank you for loving our country and coming back to visit. As you rightfully stated, these are unfortunate isolated incidents. We have assigned Tourism Police Unit patrolling on foot and vehicle in the zone particularly during Cruise Ship days. Please be reassured that we continuously work with our Police Department to ensure the safety of our guests.
    Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for you to continue to enjoy our beautiful country.

    Noriko Gamero // Director of Cruise & Destination Planning