A couple on a cruise spent a little extra for the proverbial room-with-a-view only to find that HAL had a little surprise – it didn’t tell them beforehand about a crew member using a grinding tool outside their cabin’s window. 

The YouTube caption says: "Thanks for telling us when you upcharged us $600 extra for the window guys."

There are over a thousand comments to the video on Nate Zemanek’s YouTube page. 

Video Credit: Nate Zemanek

Hat Tip: Nine News Australia 

July 18 2016 Upgrade:  Seems that the couple were on their honeymoon.  According to UPROXX, when they complained, HAL didn’t seem to care and told them that the maintenance work on the lifeboats would continue, from 9-5 daily, for the rest of the cruise.  Later, after the issue went viral on Reddit and on YouTube, HAL refunded the $600 and gave them a free dinner.



  • David

    They paid an extra $600 for the view of a lifeboat?

  • tinikini

    OMG!!! If that would have been my honeymoon, I would have gone bat s**t crazy. I would have called my travel agent and had her reserve flights at every port the ship was going to stop at. Then I would have gone ashore and found some items that make a ton of noise and sat down at guest services from 9 to 5 and made as much noise as possible until they moved me, offered me a free cruise in the future, or until they threw me off. If they threw me off I would have the back up plan with the travel agency to fly home. They are on their honeymoon….um do you think that they might be in their room a little more than most? Duh! How mean, no privacy with crew lurking about their windows and a bunch of noise. Shame on HAL for giving them a crap upgrade on their honeymoon no less.

    If the cruise lines weren’t so greedy, this would never happen. They could stay in port for a week and get their maintenance done on their own billions, instead of at the expense of someone on their honeymoon. I also agree with David. Do your research about the ship you are going to be on. Stay away from the life boats, elevators, and any other common area that would be noisy when you book your cabin. Most of the time when they offer an upgrade, your view will be blocked, but you get a better room with more space and amenities. It’s all a trade out, trade on your own terms.

    I learned the hard way on a cruise with the elevator….ding, ding, ding, ding, and 24/7 noise. However I did do my research and booked a suite, mid ship, no view barriers, and picked the the side of the ship that would face the port every time the ship docked. In the end the elevator was kind of a small price to pay for all of our great views for 10 days and a wonderful cruise….with HAL/Zuiderdam I might add. Kudos to all the staff, they were fantastic and above and beyond!!!